Dragon Slippers

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    You might be thinking,"What the            (insert swear word here)!" But I can assure that it isn't a pair of fantasy slippers, but a Friction, sort of romantic, and adventurous book.  This book is the first of the three books, Dragon flight is the second one and Dragon Spear is the third one. The story starts off at a farm, but ends at a castle. For those fantasy lovers, this series is awesome, although if you hate those romantic books, it may not be for you. The first book in the series is a bit slow because the author has to set the scene and tell the story and it goes on and on and on. The second book however was very intriguing because there's more adventures and better description of each dragon and location. The last and final one is great because that's when Creel and Luka get married even though Luka's a prince and Creel is a shop owner. Read the books to find out more!!