What type of songs and music I like

posted Apr 13, 2014, 12:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 13, 2014, 12:10 PM by Unknown user ]
I actually really like a lot of different kinds of music. The kind of music I like the most would probably be metal ( heavy metal ). People are always asking me how I listen to this kind of music and I tell them that I really just like to hear the lyrics and try to feel the emotions of the singer but they just end up thinking that I'm crazy. My 2 favorite metal songs are by the same band which is Pierce the Veil. The first song I like the most is called Caraphernelia. I really like this song because the two singers really say their emotions especially during the course. I can also really relate to this song. You can tell just by the lyrics that their really sad and depressed in the song. To continue, my second favorite metal song is called Hell Above. I really like this song because it starts off very quite and then eventually gets into some really deep, harsh kind of mood. The singer really expresses its feelings toward love and how it can be heart breaking. I can also really relate to it also. There's a part in the song where the singer says " This is a wasteland my only retreat. ", just by that part I feel very attached to the song and the singer. Anyways, I really also like music that kids my age listen to today. For example demons, radioactive, summer, etc. I like some of these songs because they remind me to never give up and to keep on going. My favorite song would probably be Demons by Imagine Dragons. I really like this song because I can connect to it and it kind of tells you to be  really who you are ( in a way ). The singer is wanting to kind of show his sad and bad side to it so, I find that that's pretty cool. To conclude, I actually like a lot of more songs and listen to a lot of different kind of music. So to end off, these are the kind of stuff I like in music. :)
Links to my favorite songs below: