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Solos are really fun to do. Depending on the song, you can make super awesome solos. To make up solos you have to really feel the music. You have to follow the rhythm a lot. You have to use a certain scale to come up with a solo. If you use too many different notes from the key signature or scale, your solo will sound a bit out of tune and it would make your solo sound a bit odd too. Soloing is kinda like rapping. You have to first feel the rhythm and the hear the notes well to start playing an awesome solo. Its like the voice of the rapper is the instrument in this case. To make a really good solo you don't always have to go up and down a scale really fast. One of the best solos are made by doing the most simplest things! Solos are also kinda like some songs. For example, that song all of me has only the person's voice and a piano and its actually probably one of the best songs out there on the radio. There are also a lot of difficult things about making a solo. Sometimes you might press the wrong note by accident and it throws you off a lot or you might not be exactly on the rhythm and it messes up your solo too. Just small things can really mess you up but all you have to do is keep going and don't stop even if you make the smallest mistake ever. When you finish at the end of your solo, you have the most magical feeling, and brave feeling ever. It makes you feel really confident in the end. Just never give up and always try you best at solos and really feel the music.