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23 Nirvana- Everything about music!

Hi, my name is Nirvana and welcome to me blog page :) . My favorite subject at school is Music because I love to play my instrument and play music with people. I have done lots of sports in the past like ballet, dance, and figure skating. The sports that I'm mainly occupied with are hockey, and horse racing. I really like to do these sports because they teach me lots of responsibility and I also learn new skills everyday. My favorite food is funnel cake from wonderland because it's really yummy and fun to eat. I like to play lots of games not only on my ps3, but wii! Anyways I hope you enjoy some of my blogs and comment any suggestions below. 

My opinion on Rap music

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Rap music is a great way to let all of your feelings out and really feel the beat of the music. Their are a lot of songs that have great rap parts inside them. Some rap songs send a really good message, but others send a very bad message. For example Drake makes a lot of depressing songs but people still like them! Its just the fact that his songs don't really always make the person feel touched by him music all the time due to certain words he says. Other songs that like Macklemore would make is really good. He really has a touching messages to it. Certain rap songs might make kids do the wrong thing and influence them in the wrong way. I really likes those songs that have a singer singing the choirs and the rapper singing the verses. It adds a really " duet " kind of feeling. 


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Solos are really fun to do. Depending on the song, you can make super awesome solos. To make up solos you have to really feel the music. You have to follow the rhythm a lot. You have to use a certain scale to come up with a solo. If you use too many different notes from the key signature or scale, your solo will sound a bit out of tune and it would make your solo sound a bit odd too. Soloing is kinda like rapping. You have to first feel the rhythm and the hear the notes well to start playing an awesome solo. Its like the voice of the rapper is the instrument in this case. To make a really good solo you don't always have to go up and down a scale really fast. One of the best solos are made by doing the most simplest things! Solos are also kinda like some songs. For example, that song all of me has only the person's voice and a piano and its actually probably one of the best songs out there on the radio. There are also a lot of difficult things about making a solo. Sometimes you might press the wrong note by accident and it throws you off a lot or you might not be exactly on the rhythm and it messes up your solo too. Just small things can really mess you up but all you have to do is keep going and don't stop even if you make the smallest mistake ever. When you finish at the end of your solo, you have the most magical feeling, and brave feeling ever. It makes you feel really confident in the end. Just never give up and always try you best at solos and really feel the music.  

The Talent Show!!!

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I'm really excited for the talent show! I wanted to do 3 things for the talent show but in the email they said that there must be one act per person. So, at the moment I have my heart set on this ensemble that I'm doing with some kids in my class on our instruments. I also wanted to do this duet with a girl from another class but she's already doing something else too so ya. I also wanted to do this dance with these group of girls but I'm not quite to sure if they'll have it done in time for the auditions. Continuing, this ensemble that me and my friends are doing in class is a jazz song. Its a really nice hip song they takes a lot of great timing work. Today me and other person in my group had practiced after school and so far it sounds amazing! It still needs a bit of work but we'll get it down by the time of our audition. I really excited to play this song though because it has an amazing jazzy grove to it and has a very nice swing to it. Mr. Haris was working with us and so far he said that we sound great so that kind of promises a spot for us in the talent show so far. We just need to work on it a bit more and we'll be fun. I just can't wait until the last day of school now! Overall, I'm really excited and I can't wait for the auditions and I hope we can preform for everyone! 

My High school

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So I'm going to an arts high school called Cawthra Park S.S. I got accepted into that school. Recently I went to an orientation at that school and it seemed like a pretty good school. School starts for me on September 2nd at Cawthra but Cawthra officially opens on the 3rd. I'm really excited to go there. A lot of the kids seemed nice, so far. It's a really old school but its very, very,very big! The teachers there seem really nice. Some of the senior there are really funny and nice. The school is so lively. In every single hallway there is something always going on. People are either playing an instrument, practicing for a play, studying, reading, or doing some other activity. The hallways are always busy and very lively. That's probably one of the things I really like about this school. Some school aren't really as lively and happy as other's. Some other school's would have kids that make the school very happy and lively. I remember they said that at my orientation that we're going to have some really cool BBQ thing there so I'm really excited for that. The one thing that kind of scares me at that school is the types of kids that are going there. Like if I wore something to school I really wouldn't want that person to judge me for what I wear, or another thing can be that I'm just plain weird. The thing overall is that I don't want to get involved in any drama. When I went to my orientation and this lady was giving us our tour, these two guys who were out of class came up behind me and said " Don't come to Cawthra! " in a very creepy way. They started swearing and everything so hopefully I don't get involved with anyone like that in Cawthra. To conclude, the school seems awesome and I'm really excited to meet new people and have fun!

About my instrument

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In band class I play the tenor sax. Its technically a saxophone but a bigger, louder, and deeper version of a normal alto sax. I usually like to play my sax more than my piano but sometimes piano can be more fun.  I find that for piano, you have a bass clef and a treble clef, but with the tenor sax you only have the treble clef. So, overall tenor sax is much more easy to read. My instrument is about 10 years old or so. I play a 3 and a half reed and I need a new mouth piece for it. When I take it home it can be so hard. It's really heavy. I usually have a wheel thing to take it home but I always forget it. Sometimes I make squecky noises so sometimes that might bother me a lot about my instrument. I really like this instrument because when I play like a good solid note it really helps me feel the song a lot more. I can play lots of cool stuff on it. People think that a sax is meant for jazz music but not always. A lot of big bands have saxes in them. Overall, I really like my instrument.

Musical notes

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To create music you don't just make it randomly, we actually use specific notes and keys and times to make an actually song. A lot of singers would use a specific scale to get the pitch of the song. There are different kinds of scales to. There are pentatonic scales, minor, major scales and singers use all these kinds of scales to get specific notes off them to make a song. Some notes a are shaped a specific way to make the singer sing that note in a specific way. Notes are used to make your favorite song. Even the escalator music you hear is made from musical notes. You know your favorite rapper? Well he or she uses LOTS of musical notes to create effects to his music. To conclude, music notes are used in a lot of kind of songs that you wouldn't expect!

What type of songs and music I like

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I actually really like a lot of different kinds of music. The kind of music I like the most would probably be metal ( heavy metal ). People are always asking me how I listen to this kind of music and I tell them that I really just like to hear the lyrics and try to feel the emotions of the singer but they just end up thinking that I'm crazy. My 2 favorite metal songs are by the same band which is Pierce the Veil. The first song I like the most is called Caraphernelia. I really like this song because the two singers really say their emotions especially during the course. I can also really relate to this song. You can tell just by the lyrics that their really sad and depressed in the song. To continue, my second favorite metal song is called Hell Above. I really like this song because it starts off very quite and then eventually gets into some really deep, harsh kind of mood. The singer really expresses its feelings toward love and how it can be heart breaking. I can also really relate to it also. There's a part in the song where the singer says " This is a wasteland my only retreat. ", just by that part I feel very attached to the song and the singer. Anyways, I really also like music that kids my age listen to today. For example demons, radioactive, summer, etc. I like some of these songs because they remind me to never give up and to keep on going. My favorite song would probably be Demons by Imagine Dragons. I really like this song because I can connect to it and it kind of tells you to be  really who you are ( in a way ). The singer is wanting to kind of show his sad and bad side to it so, I find that that's pretty cool. To conclude, I actually like a lot of more songs and listen to a lot of different kind of music. So to end off, these are the kind of stuff I like in music. :)
Links to my favorite songs below:

Why playing a musical insterment is hard

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Playing a musical instrument is hard for several different reasons. To start, you have you know how to keep with the rhythm, pitch, and melody consistently. You have to learn how to read notes and play notes on you instrument. Depending on what song it is, you must add certain types of feelings to it ( ex. sad song is being played sadly, happy song is being played happily, scary song is being played in a scary way). You must know when you have to play quietly or softly, loud or hard, normal or play at a walking past. To continue, you may think that all of these things are easy but really they aren't. There are much more things we have to know about playing an musical instrument than things that I've listed. So keep in mind that when you hear someone playing an instrument, don't laugh at them because they do a lot more than just playing the notes.

Background music

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Background music is a great way create to create a effect in a movie, tv show, a mood, etc. In every movie the music always matters. You have to make sure that you use the right music for the right scene. Even your favorite movie has background music. Music is not only used for people to listen to, its used to create a fantasy world! Music is used for all sorts of things. Not just background music in a movie or show, they use it to make elevator music. Music can make people feel very awkward too so.    

Same love

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I really think that song is very meaningful and, cool. It makes me feel really happy inside because the artist of the song is very passionate about spreading that fact that everyone's the same despite if your gay, straight , bisexual, etc.. He makes very strong connections that people believe in. It makes me feel sad sometimes because there are still people out there who are racist, sexist, etc.. I very happy to know that he put all these kind of stuff about same love into his song. It makes everyone feel nice inside.

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