Blog #33: Hard Drives

posted Jun 6, 2014, 6:28 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 6, 2014, 6:33 AM by Unknown user ]
    Hard drives, they are the object that lets your computer, well, have computer related stuff on it. It stores the OS (operating System), programs, files, etc. Without hard drives, computers wouldn't work. There are two types of hard drives, HDD (Hard Disk Drive), and SSD (Solid-State Drive). HDDs are the hard drives with the platters and the heads, and they are able to be defragmented (Explanation from last weeks blog), and the max space is around 4TB (Terabyte), while SSDs are esentially very large data keys, that can hold up to 256GB (Gigabytes) of space, but there is a 1TB (Terabyte). SSD being made. Also, SSD should not be defraged. Eventually, hard drives will fail, and that means they will stop working, and no longer allow you to access data on them. HDDs fail after around 4 years, while SSDs don't fail as fast. I have two HDDs in my Dell XPS 8500, and I'm pretty sure that mt J: drive is going to fail within the next couple months, because it is quite old. I know this because when I try to access my Minecraft data from it, my computer goes into panic mode, and windows explorer (The windows, taskbar, and applications on the desktop) freeze, and usually, I have to restart my computer by powering it off and on manually, which isn't good for it. I'm backing up the Minecraft files, because I don't want to lose them, because there is a lot of stuff on that drive, from years of playing, including my first real world, (It's actually my second, but I played it more, so I say it's my first world), and I would HATE to lose that, as well as all of the other various saves and mods and such on that drive. Overall, hard drives are the backbone of computers, and they are awesome. That's all for now, bye journal!

A picture of a HDD                                                       A picture of a SSD