Blog #32: Defragmentation

posted May 30, 2014, 6:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 30, 2014, 6:27 AM by Unknown user ]
    Defragmentation, it is a HDD (Hard disk drive) thing. Defragmentation is when you use a defragging program to organize fragmented bits of data, into rows. What this does is very important, as it speeds up computer speed. The was HDDs work, is they have platters, which are magnetic disks that hold the data of your computer, and they also have heads, which read the data off the platters. When there are fragmented files, that means the bits of data are spread across the platters, giving the hears a harder time trying to read the files, because it has to scan the whole thing, instead of a section. What defragmentation does, is it take those bits of data, and organizes them into neat rows, which makes it easier for the head to read the data. When the head can read the data easier, your computer will load files faster, reducing loading times. My experience with this was very painful. Last night, I defragged my C: drive, and it found 5020 fragmented files (because I have never defragged my computer in the 21 months I had it), which is a lot. My defragmentation program took 3 hours to find, and fix all of the files, and it was painful. Eventually, it finished, and now my computer runs much faster, but I still hate it (Not going to explain). Overall, disk defragmentation is important, and you should do it regularly, but NEVER on an SSD, because it doesn't actually help. That's all for now, bye journal!