Kids Walking To And From School.

posted Oct 29, 2013, 4:01 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 29, 2013, 4:01 PM by Unknown user ]
   Yes, yes, yes. Middle school students should walk to school number one reason is 
  1. it can make you'r body fit and strong if you walk to school everyday 
  2. you can meet up with you'r friends and have a little chat before school 
  3. fresh air man 
  4. getting away from your siblings as fast as possible
  5. if you'r dad or mom (person who drops u off) is running late if you walk to school it would be faster 
  6. making the air less polluted 
Concluding what I have said seriously just walk to school unless you'r parents don't let you then never mind.

Greatest Candy Ever? 

  Never ask a child what their favorite candy is seriously it's really hard to choose between the millions and billions of candies out there I can name you the candies I like but not my favorite: rockets, sugar candied apple, lollipops, toffee, nerds, M&Ms. I have many more but it's too much.