#2 The cause I would choose to run for.

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      The cause i would run for is Mental-illness. many people suffer from Mental-illness, it is not some thing you can catch and is not some thing very easy to notice. Most people that suffer from this do not start to show they have this until it is to late, because its just like cancer you may just think its normal or your going throw a stage but its not it is a serious matter many people joke around about mentally ill people and say there crazy or they are lunatics but mental illness does not define who who are. Here is a poem i wrote that describes what a mentally ill person could feel like.
                                            What Do You Do.
                           What do you do when so many people hate you, treat you like your dumb, messes with your mind and no one can help. What do you do when everyone depends on you to make everything right. What do you do when nobody listens to you. What do you do when there's no one to hold on too. What do you do when you feel there's no room for you in the world.what do you do when you think they don't love you the same. If you can please answer me that.
  By: Jahr Malcolm-Joseph