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16 Jahryanne - Advice From In The Jahr :D

Hi my name is Jahr and I love Justin beiber and the colours purple, lime green, baby blue,  the shades black & white. My favorite songs are beam me up, the king is dead but the queen is alive, and so what by pink. I enjoy playing video games, skateboarding , and writing books. Many people like to call me a tomboy or one of the guys but to me I don't think of my self as any of those I think i am just me because i don't like to be categorized so I guess I am am my own group. I have many opinions on who I am but it doesn't matter.   

#30 Reasons why popularity isn't everything

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Hey it's me Jahr. This is a topic that many people would be against. Most people think popularity is everything but really it's not. For example how many people do you see on your school that are popular and having a lot of friends doesn't mean that there popular. And after that you probably think we'll no one than and that is it no one is popular on the movie's compare there typical popular girl to the girl you think I'd popular and see of she is of the standard popular girl and I bet she isn't so why would  popularity be everything if there is no  popularity to begin with. Really popularity is all in our minds we make our own social status sometimes it's positive and sometimes it's not.  

#29 How To Set Goals

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Hey it's me again and again well of course it is this is my blog so if it's not me than who would if be. Okay now time to tell you the topic of this blog it's goal setting yeah three cheers. No just kidding but he topic is goal setting . I don't  set goals myself and that's why I'm giving you this advice because it really helps to have the to begin with the end in mind and you want it to be a positive ending. I have made goals in the past but most of them were too vague and it was hard to achieve. Now in the future for me I will get in the habit of make goals and other important life choices. Now it's time for me to go so I hope this blog made you want to start writing goals and be happy.

#28 keeping your self busy

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This is a blog for all those people who tweet "So bored. Man #boring" and I am one of those people. 
Well I guess your asking how do you stay busy, well for starters don't just sit around the house all day go out side call friends and if that doesn't work call ghost busters just kidding, no really find some to call or even play video games. I know must people aren't the social type and I understand that but only one person can make you not bored and that's your mother. Here's a question for you guys do your parents ever say " Are bored because if you are I have lots of work you can do" and if yes tell me in comments that all of a sudden your not bored  right so if this is true wrote true in the comments below. well that's all for now. #LovefromintheJAHR

#27 lunch tip 3

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  1. Hi it's me again and here is lunch tip #3 . I hope you enjoy reading this one.
Tip #3: Make your lunch the night before.
Yes I know this may seem like a lot of work but it Dave's time in the morning when you find the lunch already made. Me personally I never pack my lunch the night before but I wish I did and this is why I'm telling you this now so you can make good habits. I'm in middle school for crying out loud shouldn't I know right from wrong. Most people don't pack there the night before because it's too late or they had to do something else and other things like that. But it only takes four minutes out of your day to back your lunch the night before. It's simple if you take the time to do something that will make your life easier than you and the people around you will get along. That's all for the lunch tips, thanks for reading.

lunch tip #26

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 Welcome and here's lunch tip #2. Today the awesome tip  is....
Tip #2: Never put liquid producing fruits in plastic wrap!
 Yes I know you probably saying duh everybody knows that but most people forget  when they are in a rush.  What happens to your lunch bag well by the time it's lunch you have a pool of fruit justice in the lunch bag  and a sticky back that will forever smell like fruit and I'm not kidding over time it will strategy l start to bug you.  Also most of the items that were in the lunch bag with that sticky mess you don't want to eat well because there's fruit juice on it. Well that's all for this blog see you later alligators.

#22 Luch Tip

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Hey it's me Jahr. In this blog we will be talking about lunch tips or just one main tip. Here's the tip never eat food from other people. This is the best tip I could give you because you never know what's in the food maybe something that your allergic to but never knew there multiply reasons I could go on for ever but I'm not. From lessons learned in my past I have done some messed up things but eating others people's food is one of them I've had a reaction to food I eat from a friend. I was glad it was just a rash but it was a painful rash.

#20 Clothes

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Hi it's me again. In this blog we will be talking about clothes. The big question is why do we have so much clothes. Well for one thing we have so much clothes because we never get rid of the old items in your closet so each time you buy new clothes you don't minus a some and your collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Half of the clothes in your closet you probably don't even wear so now it's time to bag and tag. Yes I know this may be hard because when you go through all your stuff you find things that make you hey I'll keep this. In the end you never do wear it . So stop keeping items you don't need. 

#19 Life Tip #3

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In this blog I will talk about life Tip number 3.
Tip#3: live laugh lrean that's the best advice I can give you about life. There's a being and an end to life and the ending is always just another being from the day you day to the day someone eagle is born new beings and endings are made. For me I'm just being tho see what I want my end to look like. My name is bold letters winning my fifth Grammy award but I couldn't get it because I have passed but I still get a standing ovation and every step of the way I have someone by my side.

#18 Life Advice number 2

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In this blog I'll give you life number 2.
Tips#2: always get good rest
 From experience I have seen that if you don't get enough sleep you being too feel weak and sad also your not your usual self. For example when u get rest you feel very active and energetic but when you don't get that rest you'll always feel in the down in the dumps. So get your rest people and be happy. Rest is very important to keep you going through the day.

#17 How you tell someone that your sad but not tell them.

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Hi it's me again.  When you feeling down and  you don't want to talk about.bit you want your friend to realize your down in the dumps. 
Tip 1: Your friend will realized there is a change in your attitude of not right away from the moment you greet them. Which would be you best friend or just a really close friend but it would be someone that knows you well.
 Tip 2: of v your friend didn't realize in tip one than tip 2 will help I hope. Basically when you down don't really wanna do anything and you put on this fake smile that even your enemy could tell it's fake. Also when you say ya ,whatever, I don't care and negative stuff like that they are bound to know something's up.
Tip 3: This is the best tip I could give you is just tell your friend be honest with them because if something is bothering you you need to let it out . Trust me I know how it feels :) 

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