Hi Class 84!  Please click below for your weekly overview!

Distance Learning:

This year's theme is "PAUSE"
Our school-wide novel is SIT, by Deborah Ellis

September's Character Trait was Responsibility: 
October's Character Trait was Optimism (Habit: Paradigms & Principles): 
November's Character Trait was Integrity (Habit: Be Proactive): 
December's Character Trait was Caring: 
January's Character Trait was Perseverance (Habit: Putting First Things First): 
February's Character Trait was Inclusivity (Habit:  Relationship Bank Account): 
March's Character Trait is Cooperation (Habit: Think Win Win): 
April's Character Trait is Empathize (Habit: Seek First to Understand and to be understood): 
May's Character Trait is Teamwork (Habit: Synergize):
June's Character Trait is Mindfulness (Habit: Sharpen the Saw):

Class Agreements
We, students of class 84, promise to:
Work Hard and always put our best effort forward
Seek advice when needed
Show integrity 
Be Honest
Think positive thoughts
Be respectful, responsible and organized
Seize the moment

Ms. Derry promises to be: 
Encouraging, honest, helpful, supportive and fun.

We will promise to maintain a:
peaceful, safe, organized, welcoming and a fun classroom! 

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