Friday, April 12, 2019

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Wishing Tree …

Character Trait: Empathy Habit: Seek first to understand

April Birthdays: Muti (18), Kaitlyn (29),

Congratulations to March’s Students of the Month: Raaniya and Sourjeet

April 12th  Debate Prompt (complete response in LA/HG notebook): Should smokers be eligible for government assistance with their healthcare? Canada has made huge strides in the battle against nicotine addiction. Laws about smoking in public are becoming increasingly strict.  Tobacco taxes are soaring, while many provinces and cities have public initiatives to help people quit smoking. Some are suggesting that to further discourage smoking, smokers should be denied government assistance, if they become ill from smoking and cannot work. Smoking is a choice: Should the government, other-wise known as tax-payers, be required to pay for the harms caused by poor choices on the part of its citizens?  In preparation for our debating activities, argue for and against smokers being eligible for government assistance. Use logic (good judgement and reasoning), persuasion (convince others to agree) and proof (facts). Provide 3 points, evidence or reasons to supports each side.

Motion:  Smokers should not be eligible for government assistance with their healthcare.

Pros/Proposition/For/Affirmative (positive things that support the argument)

Cons/Opposition/Against/Negative (negative things that weaken the argument)

-smoking is a choice -- unfair for the government  to reward foolish choices and behaviour

-nicotine is highly addictive; individuals

should not be punished for a foolish deci-

sion they made years earlier, possibly with-

out understanding the risks

Thompson Time: Character Education, Team Building/Making Connections

  1. Announcements, O Canada, Attendance (includes roll call)

  2. ___________ with the #Jokeoftheday

  3. Quiet Work Time:  Completing Agenda, Completing Debate Prompt,  Silent Reading of Independent Text or Maclean’s Magazine, Finishing Incomplete Assignments/Homework

  4. Distribution/Collection of  Forms/Letters/ Notes, and Answering Questions

  5. Character Education: Student-Led Lesson with ...

  6. Guided Reading and Whole-School Novel: Wishtree

  7. Riptide Tv and Popcorn/Lollipop


Firstly, we are learning to analyze and understand a variety of texts, by determining the main idea. Secondly, we are learning to be better writers, by writing every day, and focusing on voice, sentence fluency, and word choice. Thirdly, we are learning to listen and speak respectfully and effectively. Fourthly, we are learning to understand that all media is constructed, and can influence how we feel or think. Lastly, we are learning why studying geography is important.

  1. Completion of Debate Prompt & Daily Read Aloud: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  2. Shared Reading, Discussion, Jot Notes: Why Are Landforms Important? How are Landforms Created and Changed?

  3. Debate the Masses (Teams 74 and 75)

  4. Geography Kahootz (Team 75)

LA/H/G Homework

1) Read for at least 20 minutes.

2) Review Google doc feedback form and use it to improve your writing skills.

3)  Research evidence/proof for and against a topic for our formal debates. Use the Persuasion Map to help you organize your argument.

Visual Arts (Teams 74 and 75)

  1. 100 Sketchbook Prompts

Other Agenda Items

  1. Independent Reading Text for Weekly Book Chats