Language, History, and Geography Learning Goals & Success Criteria

Success Criteria for Language, History, and Geography


Learning Goals: We are learning to understand and analyze a variety of texts by making connections. Also, we are learning to be better writers by writing every day and generating ideas for writing.  In addition, we are learning to understand that all media is constructed. Furthermore, we are learning to listen effectively. Lastly, we are learning to understand that historical significance depends on three criteria.

Reading: I can make connections in many ways: text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-media, and text-to-world.

Writing: I can choose a topic for writing and include specific, interesting, and accurate details.

Oral Language: I can ask relevant questions and repeat or summarize what a speaker says.

Media Literacy: I can identify and explain the purpose of a media text.

History: I can explain what events and people from the past are important, and why they are important.