Today's Date:On the agenda there is...
 Homework Board
  1. Parent Signature on Report Card Envelope

  2. Weekly Review of New Year’s Resolutions or Smart Goals for 2018

  3. Review Google Doc for Leadership Roles and Classroom Jobs

  4. Independent Reading Text

  5. Stephen Lewis Secondary School Trip on March 28th

 DramaPresenting Subtext Drama Skits

Khan Academy Video(s): Missing Value Addition and Subtraction Problems with Negative Numbers (examples part 1) (5:32) and Google form question 2) Parent Signature for Assessed Geometry Unit Test 3)  Review Co-Constructed Success Criteria for Integers 4) Review Google Docs: Collaboration Group Norms & Roles 5) University of Waterloo Problems of the Week: Amazing Grids 6) S.M.A.R.T. Goal for Math 7) IXL Skill Practice: Unmastered topics from previous and current unit


    1) Review your notebook and binder  notes. 2) Review vocabulary for pure substances and mixtures unit.


    1) Read for at least 20 minutes  2) Finish Response to Daily Writing Prompt 3)Review geography notes in LA/H/G notebook 4) 5 Themes of Geography for Favourite Place: Due March 26 (shared with Mrs. Heiss through Google)

     ArtNext Unit: Plasticine Art
     Gym/Health What we played in Gym: Bench-Ball
    Wash Gym Clothes

     IT Check gmail, work on portfolio website, and link your surveys on the class website, Story Board