Class Jobs

Leadership Roles/Class Jobs For  Team 74

Ruth's Restaurant (application/interview) (6):Tharnika, Caitlynn, Anaya
Tech Team (application/interview)(2): Ryan,Momina
Assembly Leader (1):Ibrahim
RTMS Board of Trustees - Student Council - (application/interview) (2):Tharnika, Shazaib
Library Leaders(2):Mazen,Anaya
RTMS Ambassadors (2):Anaya,Maira
Recycling (2):Sarvesh,Rishi
Green Team (2+):Amna,Ibrahim
Administrative Assistants (2):Tharnika,Vishaka
 DPA Leaders (application/interview) (2):Mazen,Yassein
Athletic Council (application/interview) (2): Logan, Yassein
Radio 5605 - Announcers - RIPTIDE TV (application/interview) (2):
Clipboard Monitor (1):Anaya
Arts Council (application/interview)(2): Caitlynn,Tharnika
Homework Scribe (2):Ahmed,Rishi
Agenda Updaters (2):Logan,Ahmed
Office Helper (1):Ahmed
Attendance Monitor (2):Survesh
Calendar Monitor (1): 
Word Wizard Team (3): Khadijah
Lunch Monitors (2):Momina,Hiba
Locker Monitors (2):Tanay,Sarvesh
Classroom Organizers (2):Tanay,Ryan 
Current Events Reporter (1): Momina
Special Events Coordinators (4): Logan, Caitlynn, Momina, Maira
Jobs Manager (2): Tanay,Logan
Photographer/Instagram Wall (2): Caitlynn, Maira
Telephone Operator (2):Hiba,Sarvesh
Desk Inspector (2):Ikhlas
Lights Monitor (2): Logan, Sarvesh
Lost And Found (1): Ibrahim
Substitute for all jobs: 
Class Site Editor(2): Ryan,Momina
Agenda Monitor(1): Ikhlas