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Thursday February 1st

posted Feb 1, 2018, 12:17 PM by Unknown user
Math: Khan Academy Video(s): Coordinate Plane Examples (6:49) 2) Coordinate Plane: Graphing Points (2:21) and Google form question 2)  Complete Frayer Model Handout : Congruency and Similarity
Science: Do all 3 quantitative calculations - due Monday
French: Finish comic due tomorrow Art: Bring newspapers advertisements
IT: Geogebra assignment due next class
Music: (general) know chords for new tune (band) practice group songs
Drama: Presentations next week
LA: Start researching war of 1812 images

Reminders: Bring tissues and soap, Sign up for Hockey Intramurals
JERSEY DAY TOMORROW! Send clips to Meena, Sara or Mrs. Neath!