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Friday January 19, 2018

posted Jan 19, 2018, 11:27 AM by Ms S Raphael RTMS

Math: Khan Academy Videos:Constructing an Angle Bisector Using a Compass and Straightedge (1:25)  and Google Form  2) Geometry Quiz: Jan. 29 3) Finish TIPS Handout: Estimating, Measuring, Marking, and Bisecting Angles 4) Review co-constructed success criteria for geometry 4) Review Google Docs: Collaboration Group Norms & Roles 5) University of Waterloo Problems of the Week:  Sh-Rinking

IT: Check email, add videos to portfolio websites

Science: Finish jot notes for p. 194-196 and answer questions 1-7 on page 198

French: Work on comic

LA: Review figurative language

History: Continue researching about the Seven Years War due Tuesday Music: Work on group project (band members)

PHE: Dance due Tuesday

Reminders: Bring tissue boxes and liquid hand soap, No School on Monday!