Social Studies/History/Geography 2019 - 2020

Learning Goals:
- I understand the difference between primary and secondary data
- I am able to establish the historical significance of events 
-I can analyse historical events from a variety of perspectives
-I understand continuity and change and that this can have a positive or negative impact
- I understand the things that changes and stayed the same as a result of the Treaty of Utrecht
- I understand my role in reconciliation and various indigenous perspectives  (both in the present and in the past)

Notebook Check #2
 1. Treaty of Utrecht: Continuity and Change Organizer (2 sides)
2. Arcadian Reconciliation Question (1 of 3: Choice)

 Notebook Check #1
 1. Word Art Title Page (inc. personal definition of history)
2. Historical significance organizer
3. QVC Definitions Scavenger Hunt (Vocabulary handout)
4. Sample jot notes following Big 6 model (Settlers of New France)
5. Exit slip (Reasons for coming to New France)
6.Jot notes roles of New France (stations)
7. Life in New France Roles and Perspectives
8. New France KWL Chart