Ipad Mini

posted Jan 5, 2014, 3:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 6:02 AM by Unknown user ]
   Hello I'm going to talk about the Ipad Mini which was made by Apple and I think they have done a good job with the Ipad. The Ipad had a lot of generations and they were big but really powerful but they changed it and made into something new which the costumers will buy and I have the Mini and and I think Its the best tablet ever made which Steve Jobs made and he was the manger of the company.
The Ipad Mini has the same pixel size in the older Ipads so the pic wouldn't be a smaller size and in the Ipad you can download new software to explore new things. Ipad is a good tablet for kids and adults and the Ipad can be a use for studying,games and etc. I hope you liked the Ipad Mini and my blog.                                                            http://www.apu.edu/computerstore/images/ipadmini.jpg