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25 Karandeep-Start your Engines VROOM!!!

Here are some things about me.  I like playing video games like black ops 2,racing games. My favorite game system is the ps3.
I also love playing sports and being active. My favorite sport is basketball and football but I like others too but basketball and football my favorite two.  Thanks for reading it.


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    The corvette well its a really great car and its known as a super car or people a muscle because sounds heavy and like a muscle car.Corvette is an american muscle car....


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  The McLaren has done a great success on cars and has the best technology on the car and something that there is a special formalization  which makes the car faster and there something called the trust mode which gives you a little push to make the car go faster and for drag racing you have a faster head start.The new McLaren has come which is Mp4-12c and comes with a convertible version if you want but the convertible version you go more faster because its more aerodynamic.   

Grand Turismo 6

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        I'm going to talk about a video game that recently came out in 2014 on Ps3,Xbox 360,Ps4,Xbox one called Gran Turismo. This game is all about racing and cars you customize cars like Lambos,Ferrari,Zonda r,and even slow cars like Toyota and Honda and also there are allots of different  tracks to race on and cool part about the tracks are that all of them are real race tracks.The cars and the tracks look awesome with really good graphics which makes this video game popular and fun to play. I hope you like my blog and enjoy the game.    


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   Toyota is an Japense manufacturer which are about $10.000 to $30.000 which is really cheap.Toyota has made cars,motorcycles,buses,and vans and also vans.The Toyota has released the new redesigned Toyota sienna which is a comfortable but the exterior of the van is really big like the back and front bumpers which will be hard to park.Toyota is way different from exotic cars because toyotas are really slow and are an everyday car.exotic cars are daily or one a week.


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   Honda is an Japanese public multinational corporation and has a manufacturer of motorcycles,cars,buses and more.Honda is all over the world but different thing is in the original Honda the logo is an H and for Honda all over the world the logos are Wings.Honda  release a brand new Honda accord which looks awesome and the accord has gas,manual,automatic,or diesel.The Honda civic was a nice car and the  new one has been released which is a great car.The Honda accord comes in coupe also which is pretty small and the 4 door Honda civic is pretty small but the 4 door Honda accord is huge and has allot of leg room and has really comfortable seats. 


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    Hi I'am going to talk about the German car company called Mercedes the founder is Karl Benz and was founded in June 28,1926.Mercedes is a luxury automobiles,buses,coaches,trucks also made sporty cars and turned sedans into sporty .Mercedes had a great success and there rival is another German manufacture BMW which is also a great car company and Mercedes has made a great generation too like making cars in early age and build all the way to the present and is really famous and competing with other famous car company. Mercedes along with 2 best German car company's two luxury automobiles called BMW and Audi which are the best selling luxury automakers in the world.I hope you liked my blog and Mercedes.

Family cars vs Super cars

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    Hi I'am going to talk about the difference and how can you tell which one it is so let's get started.So the family cars have about 4 to 6 seats and super cars only have 2 seats and family cars are in a big shape,heavy,slow and super cars are in a small shape,loud and have big exhaust,fast.You can recognize the name of the car so cars like Toyota,Honda,BMW,Mercedes,Lexus and more and for super cars will be like Lamborghini,Ferrari,McLaren,Aston Martin,Audi r8,Pagani,Bugatti and more.I hope you now know the difference of family cars and super cars.  

Auto show

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      Hi going to talk about auto shows like what they have and much more.So let's get started how it looks so there's different cars from each different company manufacture and all the people who came look at the super cars really closely and even inside isn't  that cool.There's cars such as Toyota,Honda,Lamborghini also Ferrari.Theres a auto show called the Sema and they turn all the different super cars to custom like custom paint,wheels and more.I hope you liked my blog and I recommend you to go a auto show.         

Aston Martin

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        Hi I' am going to talk about a British car company called the Aston Martin also I probably talked about this car in my other blogs that it is a great and awesome,one of my favourite cars of all time.Well Aston Martin has done a great job on the cars some tiny problems like in the Aston Martin sports sedan the Rapide,the seats are race car style which means there are hard and abstract so sometimes there really uncomfortable on you're back also there were some complaints sent  to the Aston Martin company about the Rapide seats.Theres a prom elm in the Aston Martin cars is the centre console the media and the gear change like drive park neutral.Aston Martin rapide is rivals with the Porsche panorama and the Maserati quattorope  which two great sedans also are both sport sedans but the fastest out of these two is the Porsche panorama.Aston Martin just made the new Aston Martin One77 is the best and the fastest Aston Martin ever made also they called the 77 on the end  means there's only 77 made and the One on the front means this is the fastest Aston Martin ever made.Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you liked the Aston Martin.


posted Apr 14, 2014, 5:29 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 5:33 AM by Unknown user ]

   Hi I'am going to talk about the German car company called BMW.BMW has done a great successes and there all over Germany,England and some in Canada.Their rival is a another German manufacturer .BMW has made electric cars like theirs a sports car version in electric called the i8 and theres a smart car version the i3.They have something called a M formala and if there's a BMW car ,that has a M on the back of the BMW so that means that there's a button for sporty and normal.BMW has turned sedans which are 4 door cars in to sport mode so you can race and normal drive.Theres some other car company that has 4 door cars in sport mode like Maserati,Mercedes,Porsche,Aston Martin and tons of more.Theres is the new BMW M5 which has a lot power almost close to a Ferrari.I hope you liked my blog and BMW.  

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