Who I think is the best MCSG player

posted Mar 23, 2014, 5:59 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 5:59 AM by Unknown user ]
There are many great MCSG players out there including myself and Ibeaturscore. For me personally my favorite player is Huahwi. I did a player review on him so check him out. I like him because he never brags about to anyone that he is very good. When he wins he will will gracefully and when he loses he wont get mad. For every 2 games that he plays he wins 1. That is very amazing. There is no way that he can win every single time but that is a decent amount. He also admits that there is no best person in the whole game. Sure there are good player but maybe that day the player is not in his prime and the other is. There is no way to tell who is the best player of the whole mcsg. There are also people who play the server hive who are good. Maybe there should be some kind of a pvp tournament every year that decides who is the best for that year. Also the leader board doesn't  really matter. Some people just play more than others and that's how they get a higher rank. But if the leader boards were to be reset then the thing is that the people who made so much progress on the leader board might get mad and get very sad. Thats pretty much it but I'm trying to aim high on the leader
boards too!