E-Blue Mazer Type-R

posted May 14, 2014, 5:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 19, 2014, 6:43 PM by Unknown user ]
In my opinion the E-Blue mazer type-R is a really good mouse. It has settings for 4 different DPI. It is designed in Japan but it is a mouse that is made in china. They only make mouses that are for right handed people, so if your a lefty I suggest that you go to Microsoft or Logitech to find a mouse. The mouse is coloured black and blue. The mouse itself is black and grey but there is a function to turn on blue lights around the side which makes it look really nice. The mouse has a ring on the left hand side to balance out the mouse. There are 2 buttons on the side which help when u want to go to a slot really quick if your playing games. The weight of the mouse is perfect for gaming and lifting the mouse. In my opinion
the mouse is amazing for minecraft pvp.