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24 Harry - CanadianSkyGaming (Minecrafter)

Here are some things about me. I love to play badminton so I play about 5 times a week.
I also love to play video games. You ask what video games?  I like video games like mafia 2 and also I love to play real time strategy games like Starcraft 2. One of my favourite subjects besides physical education is science.  I love science because I like to learn about the world and I love to do experiments and find out how different things work in our world.  I go to air cadets on Thursdays.  My favourite fruit are white peaches. After school I like to call my friends Edward, Rehan, and Sunny to play on the computer together. I love Korean junk food because they are tasty. Thanks for reading. Thank you.

My amazing friends on MCSG :D

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My friends on MCSG are the best! In this blog I will be talking about each one individually. 
The first guy I want to talk about is: AW6464 
I think that AW6464 is a really hyper guy. He is one of the nicest people that I have met on Minecraft. He is the best Pvper in the clan but he always say's that me and killerhero2000 are the best. He likes Seaweed and is part of the girl squad!
The second guy I want to talk about is killerhero2000
I think that Killerhero2000 is a person who can keep his calm. When we were in a clan together He didn't abuse his power. In MCSG he knows how to play very well because he has lots of knowledge of maps and secrets no one knows about. He speaks Spanish and is not part of the girl squad. :(
The next person is rcett. he is a hyper and sometimes a guy that cant keep under control. He likes anime and is a really cool friend. 
Those are my MCSG friends and I really enjoy playing with them.

E-Blue Mazer Type-R

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In my opinion the E-Blue mazer type-R is a really good mouse. It has settings for 4 different DPI. It is designed in Japan but it is a mouse that is made in china. They only make mouses that are for right handed people, so if your a lefty I suggest that you go to Microsoft or Logitech to find a mouse. The mouse is coloured black and blue. The mouse itself is black and grey but there is a function to turn on blue lights around the side which makes it look really nice. The mouse has a ring on the left hand side to balance out the mouse. There are 2 buttons on the side which help when u want to go to a slot really quick if your playing games. The weight of the mouse is perfect for gaming and lifting the mouse. In my opinion
the mouse is amazing for minecraft pvp.

Razer DeathAdder 2013 vs Razer Naga Hex 2014 for MCSG

posted May 7, 2014, 5:37 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 14, 2014, 5:26 AM by Unknown user ]

So I think that both mouses are great and are very evenly balanced between both the gaming community. In Minecraft there are evenly amount of people who play using both mouses. In my opinion, the Deathadder is better because it feels better in my hand. The Naga Hex is to big for my hands to handle. The Deathadder has 2 macro buttons for use , and the naga hex has 6. The deathadder has a 4g sensor and the naga hex also has a 4g sensor. The Naga hexes are made in 2014. The Deathadder is 2013 but still serves it's purpose for many games. There was a voting poll in the MCSG forums and the deathadder was the most voted mouse to use. Many other people said that you should get another mouse not from Razer because Razer products are ripoff's. Also many people mentioned the mouse, Steelseries Sensei. For me, I think all mouses have their good things, but I like the Razer Deathadder the most.

#Viscore is Growing

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Recently what has happened is #Viscore is., FusionNuggets has left, We had our first clan battle and it was postponed. The members on the other team were very mean and were huge jerks. They wouldn't follow the rules that most people follow and they followed rules that were favored to their side. Even though FusionNuggets left, we had new members such as, coleman180, and zskyisthelimetz. They may not be the best but I believe that if they and us work together we can win. Also we came up with a new strategy which is, instead of sticking as a big huge group, we split into little groups and attack them from different sides. I have never tried this strategy yet but, I think that this strategy will be very useful and we will be able to win. We also had a few scrims which are games that don't
count and are mostly for practice. 


posted Apr 30, 2014, 5:33 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 30, 2014, 5:33 AM by Unknown user ]

#Viscore is my new MCSG clan. I am the leader of this clan. We have many good players, and I have many friends in the clan. Some of the people in the clan include, killerhero2000, AW6464, and xxawesomexx01. The people in the clan have good stats are are very loyal. Some of them have been in the past clans that I have been in are follow orders and use their mind when playing in Clan Battles. Outside of clan battles, they are very hyper are are really fun to be around. Killerhero2000 also thought of a new training strategy. The strategy is to go on Roxbot and practice following commands and see what we can accomplish.  I believe that this can practice, teamwork, strategy and loyalty. AW6464 is a very fun person to be around. AW6464 and I can get really hyper when we get together and I think if I play with him in real life, we will go absolutely crazy.

100th Subscriber Special :D

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So anyways guy, I just hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS! So anyways I made a special video that is for my 100th subscriber. It contains me doing everyday things, with a few different slight things. You can enjoy hang back and enjoy gameplay for 1 hour long! Yeah that's right 1 hour. Anyways, the video has me playing MCSG with my friends which is really fun and I enjoyed it very much. I also played some sheepquest. My friends came and went as the special went on so you saw lots of variety of my friends. I hope that one day I will reach 500 subs and I will be able to do another one of these specials that my fans really enjoy. 100th Subscriber specials are fun because I can reflect on what I have done over the past in youtube and MCSG.

MCSG Friends and More

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Today I will be talking about my MCSG friends, and more about MCSG in general since the last time I talked about it. So what's new in MCSG is, there are lots of hackers. The NCP (No Cheat Plus) is not very good. The only thing that it prevent people from cheating is, they can't fly, and they can't speed hack. My MCSG friends are awesome :D. They include, fusionnuggets (Panda), Dylkentcole (Cow), Ibeaturscore, (GFX), Captainninjastar(CNS), speedsoul1122(The chosen one). Some thing I want to talk about are some of the items used in mcsg such as, Flint and steel and fishing rods. I think that the flint and steel, if used properly, can do tons of damage. For example, when you get lit on fire by flint and steel you can lose 3 hearts and get slowed down by a lot. It's not easy fighting a guy when you can't see anything because of fire. Well, for the fishing rod, when really good, and experienced players use it, it can be very deadly and you may not be able to get a single hit on them. thank you for reading my blog. :D

MCSG Clan! #Encore

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My Mcsg clan is #Encore. If you don't know what MCSG is, You can check out my old blog titled, Minecraft Survival Games.  They are really cool guys. They let everyone have a chance to participate in Clan Battles
and also host thing such as 1v1 tournaments which you can have a chance to get promoted. I'm new in the clan and they are already thinking about promoting me, My close friends in the clan are, FusionNuggets, Luka, and Deadbox. Today, we had a clan battle. We lost it because of me. I fell off parkour because I was stupid enough to do it. Even though I cost them the game, They still treated me normally and were still very nice. They even invited me to play the next clan battle. Now this is what I call true friends. Even though I did something completely stupid, they were still kind and were very caring about how I shouldnt take all the blame. Thats what I call nice People!

Including people in minecraft

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The lyrics in the video relate to minecraft. When you play minecraft you make friends. You play with them because of there personalities. You wont know or will never know if they are a boy, girl, gay or anything. If you find out will you stop playing with them? If you do then you are not a true friend to the person you met and played. Do you don't let someone play just because they are a different gender or if they are gay. For Example, I have a friend called killerhero2000. I don't even know his name, or his gender( i'm pretty sure he is a guy). Even though if he is a girl or if his name is something i cant pronounce, I would still play with him. He is nice and cool, and amazing. Me and him work together well as a team.  So no matter what, you should enjoy playing with your friends. 

Who I think is the best MCSG player

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There are many great MCSG players out there including myself and Ibeaturscore. For me personally my favorite player is Huahwi. I did a player review on him so check him out. I like him because he never brags about to anyone that he is very good. When he wins he will will gracefully and when he loses he wont get mad. For every 2 games that he plays he wins 1. That is very amazing. There is no way that he can win every single time but that is a decent amount. He also admits that there is no best person in the whole game. Sure there are good player but maybe that day the player is not in his prime and the other is. There is no way to tell who is the best player of the whole mcsg. There are also people who play the server hive who are good. Maybe there should be some kind of a pvp tournament every year that decides who is the best for that year. Also the leader board doesn't  really matter. Some people just play more than others and that's how they get a higher rank. But if the leader boards were to be reset then the thing is that the people who made so much progress on the leader board might get mad and get very sad. Thats pretty much it but I'm trying to aim high on the leader
boards too!

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