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23 Huda - Movie Lover

Hi, my name is Huda. The thing I love the most is watching movies. Every time I have nothing to do, I watch movies. Or maybe sometimes I watch a series. My favorite T.V show is Once Upon A Time. I don't really have a favorite movie. Almost all the movies I watch are good. My favorite T.V show as a child was Tom & Jerry. Even until now, I still watch it. I sit with my niece and we both watch it. It never gets old! I also like watching Turkish T.V shows. I don't speak Turkish, but there are Arabic subtitles. My mother, sisters, and I always watch them together although these days I watch them by myself because no one has time to watch them with me. For the movies, I enjoy watching Comedy the most. Sometimes, my mom and I sit together and we watch any movie that is on T.V. I don't usually watch movies on my T.V because I have an Arab T.V and I don't enjoy Arab movies as much. But I like watching with my mom. Well, I love watching movies and I'm pretty sure lots of you guys do too!


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Big Fat Liar is a movie about a 14 year old boy named Jason Shepherd. He told a lot of lies and always got  caught.  After years and years of lying, his parents no longer trust him. One day, he forgot to write his essay, so he made up a big lie and his teacher believed him so he got another day to write it. Later on that day, his teacher finds out and after a long lecture with him and his parents, she gives him 3 hours to write the essay. When he finishes, he heads to the address his teacher gave him and gets bumped into a limo. The limo drives him to this destination, but Jason forgot the essay in the limo. His parents send him to Summer School and they never trusted him again and were very mad at him. The man he bumped into was a movie director, and he stole his essay and turned it into a movie. Throughout the movie, he tries to prove to his parents that he is not a liar. This movie is really nice and I recommend people to watch it.


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This summer, I plan to stay up watching movies all the time.  My parents say that since I already went on two trips this year, I am not going anywhere during summer. My sister and I thought that we should watch all the movies so that we can have something fun to do. We are going to be alone in our rooms so we won't be bossed around by any of our sisters. I am looking forward for a fun summer! I hope my parents will at least take me somewhere.

Holes Movie

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After I was done reading the book Holes, I watched the movie and I didn't enjoy it as much. They changed many things in the movie and it made it boring and less interesting. They cut out a whole bunch of parts and added some that weren't even in the book. Many things that could have made the movie more interesting where changed. I expected the movie to be better, but I thought it was terrible. 

Fantasy Movies

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Fantasy movies are my least favorite types of movies.  They are boring and most of the time they make no sense.  They always exaggerate what is happening and they make the movies too long.  I would rather watch any other movies where things are realistic and fun to watch.  When I was little, I used to enjoy watching them, but when I grew up I started to really hate them. I would watch a fantasy series but not a movie. Other than that, it's not a a movie genre I prefer watching.


Horror Movies

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One of my favorite movie genres is horror movies. I don't like watching them alone. I usually watch them with my sister. I was only 6 when I watched my first horror movie and it was awesome. I couldn't sleep at night but it was still fun. I watched it so many times and it never got boring. The latest horror movie I watched was "You're next'. It was about a family who went somewhere and got attacked by some people. It's a really good movie! Well, horror movies are awesome and I think they never get boring even though you watch them more than once.           

Finlayson Field Center

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On Tuesday April 22, 2014, class 71, 72, and 73 went to the Finlayson field center. It was a science center and we studied frogs and insects. The bus ride was pretty long. It took maybe about an hour and a half. I'm not really sure how long it was though. When we arrived, we went to the right side of the room and we studied about different types of frogs and insects. What sounds they make and how they look etc. After that, we went for a hike. After we were done, we went to the swamp and used nets to catch insects and see what they look like up close. I was in a group of three, and first one of our group members Maya, caught a frog. It was a wood frog. This type of frog freezes itself during winter and unfreezes itself when the weather is warm enough for them to survive. After we were done that, it was finally lunch time. After lunch, we discussed a game that we were gonna play. We played until it was time to go. Overall, the trip was kind of fun and I learned many new things about frogs and insects!

Love Is All You Need Movie

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On pink day, we watched a movie in class called Love is all you need. I think it was important to watch this movie because it tells people that everyone is the same. Homo, or hetero. In one part of the movie, Ashley's parents tell her that they don't want her going near a hetero's couple house. People in the class thought that it was not right for her parents to do that. I think it really doesn't matter to anyone else if you are homo or hetero. Everyone could make their own choice. I don't know why people make a big deal out of it. The message of this movie is that Everyone is different and unique in their own way and no one has a right to change that. Everyone should mind their own business. It wasn't only about people being homo or hetero, it was about telling people to treat everyone in their community equally.



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My favorite character in frozen is Olaf. Olaf is a snowman that speaks. When Elsa and Anna were still little girls, they built him and kind of forgot about him. When Elsa was in the North Mountain, she re-built him and didn't know he came to life. When Anna, Kristoff, and Sven went to look for Elsa, they bumped into him. Olaf is a very sweet and funny snowman. He always dreams of summer. He sang a whole song about how he loves summer, but he didn't know what would happen to him if he gets near heat. Since he bumped in to them, he helped them and always had a sense of humor.


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My favorite food is pizza. I love pizza. Especially when me and my family go and eat pizza altogether as a family. I also like making pizza with my mom. We always make pizza together and try new recipes. My favorite type of pizza is cheese pizza. I don't like it when there is more sauce then cheese, but I still really like it. I usually eat pizza when I am watching movies

Same Love

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The song "Same Love" by Macklemore tells people that everyone is same, doesn't matter what color they are, what religion they are from. Everyone is the same on the inside. These days, a lot of people are judging people because they have a different religion, color, and things like that. I think that people should change the way they look at others. This song is directed to everyone misjudging people because of their personality  

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