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My March Break

posted Mar 17, 2014, 5:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 17, 2014, 5:42 AM by Unknown user ]
All I did this march break was record video's to Youtube. I was board most of the time so I decided to record this new game I got, HeavyRain.
This game took me the whole march to record and render on Youtube. But I still got to finished it by Saturday. I loved this game it was really emotional
in some parts but the rest were investigating and normally killing. I liked the story because there wasn't only one main person that you could only play as,
you got to play as a little kid and also other people. This game is based on a man who had a child that got kidnapped. You need to go to
different places to find clues to the location were your child is. You also have to play as this other man he is a private investigator. You need to go to 
people and find evidence to were the child is. After playing as this person you need to play as this guy from the CIA and you need to also investigate. I like
playing him the best because he has these cool pair of glasses that lets you see all finger prints and DNA all over the room your in. After the CIA man you need
to play as this girl and you need to try and you are supposed to help the man who lost his son. All four people you play have these disabilities. This game is
a game were if you mess up when doing things like miss clicking in a fight or choosing to kill or not kill someone, it affects the story. This game has more 
16 endings. It's also based on making choices because it affects the story. The killer is what your investigating. You need to find him as the CIA guy and the women.
But you don't...