Human or Giant

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Hagrid is both giant and human. He is introduced at the beginning of the movie with baby Harry. Then, when Harry realizes that he is different, Hagrid comes in and tells Harry that he is a wizard. Hagrid is very kind to Harry and goes shopping with him and keeps him company. Hagrid works at Hogwarts as the keeper of keys. He also leads the first years at Hogwarts to see the castle for the first time. Hagrid lives in a shack outside Hogwarts and owns a dog named Fangs. His house is close to the forbidden forest. Hagrid loves Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Hagrid helps the kids with so many things throughout the seven years at Hogwarts and is a great friend. Some thing that Hagrid helped with was when Hermione was called a mudblood, Hagrid helped her feel better. He always comforted them. He is a great friend.