Sadness and Anger in One Movie

posted May 5, 2014, 4:45 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 5, 2014, 4:45 PM by Unknown user ]
Never let me go is a dystopian movie based on a novel of the same name.  I love that movie and I have watched it so many times.  I have also cried so many times and it makes me absolutely mad!  The movie is about 2 girls (Kathy and Ruth) and a boy (tommy) who fall into a nasty love triangle while living a strange life.  They were raised in a boarding school where artwork was encouraged instead of doing academic work such as math or science.  But here is the saddest part; these people were clones from other people and only lived to donate their organs.  If the clones do not find their "possibles" (people they were clones from) they will end up dying.  Never let me go is a heart breaking story about finding love and living life your own way.
Okay so now time to rant about my feelings, right?  Okay so Kathy likes Tommy and so does Tommy and they are all cute and then Ruth comes along and steals Tommy.  They start dating for like 10 years and then Kathy is a huge loner and now when they are about to die Ruth finds Kathy and tells her shes sorry and UGH!  How can Ruth be so selfish and just say sorry after shes broken up with him?  WHAT A JERK.  Secondly, Tommy ends up dying in the end since he did not find his possible and Kathy ends up living and she is still a loner for a while before she starts to die too because Tommy was in a relationship all his life with Ruth.  I was swimming in my own tears by the time he died.  I just wish he didn't so there could be some kind of happy ending!  Finally, EVERYONE DIED!  Like what kind of movie was that?!  I loved the story and concept but it was just so depressing!  I mean did Rose die in Titanic?  Did Tobias die in Divergent?  NO.  I really wish that at least Kathy would have lived.  Okay, I have to stop.  If I blog anymore I will end up crying again. 
Anyways, I recommend that you watch this movie if you are a girl who likes romance movies with a sad mood.  Thanks for reading my blog, adios!