The History Making 4 Hour Event

posted Mar 17, 2014, 5:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 2:41 PM by Unknown user ]
The 86th Academy Awards took place on Sunday March 7th.  Let me just say, Ellen DeGeneres was the best host in the history of hosts and is a goddess.  Ellen managed to be funny while complementing others.  Last year the host of the Oscars had a weird song about actresses nudity and even then he wasn't funny.  God bless Ellen.  As we all probably know, Jennifer Lawrence fell while climbing the stairs to accept her Oscar last year. Just as this year, Jennifer did fall again.  She fell while getting out of her car, oh Jennifer! That Sunday night was a history making day. Ellen broke the world record for most re-tweeted tweet (sorry Obama) and served pizza to celebrities.  Ellen actually ordered pizza from a store and had a delivery guy come and serve to a whole auditorium of celebrities.  Imagine delivering pizza and all of the sudden you are meeting 10617898435678 celebrities and are on live television.  If I were him, I would have cried from joy and shock, but he seemed so neutral.  Obviously Brad Pitt had to serve plates considering the amount of children he has.  Well of course now considering the Oscars are about celebrating film, lets talk about the winners.  First of all let me just get this straight, LEONARDO DICAPRIO DESERVES AN OSCAR MORE THAN ANYONE ALIVE.  Out of all 5 times he has been nominated, he has not ever won.  WHY?!  I dont know!  Leo is the king of the world and if he does not win an oscar next year I will go crazy.  Secondly, Lupita Nyong'o did not deserve the oscar for 12 years of slave.  Lupita was only in the movie for a total of 10 minutes out of 2 hours (5% of the movie) and for about 7 minutes of her part (70% of her part) she was just screaming and you could not see her face.  Lastly, Gravity was wayyyy to over rated.  Sure Gravity had amazing visual effects but the acting was not to be praised for.  Gravity won 12 oscars that night and really I think it only deserved 3 of them.  So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my rant/review of the 86th Academy Awards. BYEE!