Bring Your Own Device

posted Nov 9, 2013, 2:43 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 5:32 PM by Unknown user ]
Well BYOD (bring your own device) is around the corner, I think it’s a fantastic idea! Firstly, it gives us more resources when at school. If we are not sure on what a word means and cannot find a dictionary, we could use our device! The con about that is though that sometimes people just forget other resources, for example: if a person always uses his device for a dictionary but in a test is not allowed to use it, she/he might have a harder time with the test! I do think that some people will take advantage of BYOD and abuse it. For example, they might start using their device and checking their social networks instead of doing school relevant things. The good things about BYOD is though that our teachers have a lot of control on when or how we use the device which doesn't let us abuse it too much. Thus, I think BYOD is a great idea if everyone becomes more responsible which will help not cause conflicts.