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20 Aleeza - The Fault in Our Fandoms

Hey... I'm Aleeza, but you can call me Mrs.Radcliffe Oakley Harries Dawson Watson Eaton Johnson Potter WELL THE LIST IS TOO LONG. I'm basically the Queen of Fandoms. 
I am a HUGE fangirl!  My fandoms are potterheads, tributes, shadow hunters, demigods, initiates, nerdfighters, casters, souls, wallflowers, twihards, and 1234567890 YouTubers but I don't think there is even enough space to list even 1/100th of my fandoms...!  I don't have much of a life as you could probably tell; I waste my life watching YouTubers and Once Upon a Time because they are life.

My hobbies are professional photography, shopping, watching movies, fan girling and lots and lots of reading! My favourite book of all time is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green but I have maaannnyyy more. And believe me when I say MANY more. My favourite television show is Once Upon a Time.

I blog about the lastest celebrity buzz, photography and basically the millions of fandoms I am in.
If a dolla makes you holla and you have no life like we then read my blog!

The Start of Something New

posted Jun 18, 2014, 7:06 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 18, 2014, 7:06 PM by Unknown user ]

School is ending and I am quite bummed about it... I love school so much.  I can't bear not waking up at 6 am in the morning just so I have extra time to practice music.  I can't bear coming home and being stuck doing homework.  Sure school might be a load of work but without it I have nothing to do.  I am not going any special places for summer and the heat is very inevitable. Summer might be the start of something new but  I hate good byes.  I can't imagine a life without the people of 72 and it is sad that there are only a week of school left.  I mean what is the probability that we all will be in the same class next year?  Obviously 0%... but lets not worry about the past and look upon the future!  I mean Once Upon a Time will start again when school starts, YAY!  However, something that really annoys me is that we don't know our teachers until the last few days of summer.  THE SUSPENSE KILLS ME.  I could be very prepared if I knew I was going to have Ms.Davey for grade 7 in the end of grade 6.  I would bought different outfits and already get started on our assignments (I see the future) and choose fathers for my future children.  This was so random.  Anyways.  I wanna dye my hair again but my mom won't let me.  I want dip dyed so bad.  I wonder what I have for dinner tomorrow.  When is the next time I will have pizza?  Who will be my grade 8 teacher?  OH NO I still haven't planned my outfits for the next year!  Why is pizza so good?  What would pizza and nutella taste like together?  Why is my hair so cool?  THE SUSPENSE KILLS ME.  Thanks for reading my random blog.  Yay. Youpie. Amazing. Fun!  Kewl!  Bye.

A Different Realm

posted May 28, 2014, 6:42 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 1, 2014, 7:08 PM by Unknown user ]

So recently I started watched Once Upon a Time on Netflix and I'm already almost done season 2.  Anyways, it had me thinking; if I were stuck in a town where everyone was a fairy tale character, who would I be?  I'm actually not quite sure really but I feel as if I would be the mad hatter's daughter and I really don't know why. I think this because our personalities are alike and we seem around the same age. I wish I could be like Emma or Snow but I'm not as brave and heroic as them.  I mean I haven't ever done anything very gallant like them.  But then again, in my life violence is very rare, almost never. I also really like the character of Belle because she sees the good in Rumpelstiltskin and always finds another way to solve conflicts without violence. My least favourite character has to be Cora obviously because she sucks and even though she is trying to win Regina back, her sins cannot be undone. If it weren't for Cora nothing bad would have happened because Regina would have never become bad. But you know what is the cutest? Emma and Bae. I cried on the episode where they showed when they met because it was so cute. But then again... shouldn't Bae be like 15 years older than her? I was also kind of disappointing in what Bae looked liked when he grew older. When bae was younger he looked a lot like Henry but know its weird because he looks nothing like Henry and neither does Emma. It is also weird then because Snow and David looking NOTHING like Emma but Emma does have Snow's eyes. There are a lot of flaws in the show but hey, who am I to judge?

The Second Cutest Couple. Ever.

posted May 22, 2014, 5:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 28, 2014, 6:36 PM by Unknown user ]

Yeah Zac Efron and I are the cutest couple ever but second is Meryl and Maks.  I mean even though they were paired to dance together they looked so cute together that I wanted to cry.  If they don't get into a relationship soon I will go crazy.  They make a super cute couple because Meryl is very innocent and kind while Maks is totally the opposite.  Both of them bring another person out of each other and are perfect for each other!  If you were to look at the beginning of the show until the end of the show, you would see that Meryl has become more outgoing and Maks has become more kind.  Meryl is also very fragile looking while Maks is very buff, they make a great team and even a better couple.  If you don't ship Merly and Maks you probably have not watched Dancing With The Stars or don't have a heart because Cora ripped it out (Once Upon a Time Reference).  Speaking of Once Upon a Time, Meryl and Maks remind me of Belle and the Beast because they all have similar personalities.  Anyways, it has been a week since Dancing With The Stars ended, why is there no news of their relationship yet?  If I was Meryl or Maks's friend I would set them up.  As you can see, I won't make much of a good friend, but yeah.... I HOPE THEY GET MARRIED.

What Team?

posted May 14, 2014, 5:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 15, 2014, 2:57 PM by Unknown user ]

The real question in life is, are you team Edward or team Jacob?!  Many people say that Jacob is a lot better looking which is obviously true but really he is a jerk.  I'm team Edward because he deserves to be with Bella more than Jacob!  I mean Jacob just decided to like Bella AFTER she fell in love with Edward.  Furthermore, in the end Jacob falls in love with Bella's DAUGHTER!  I mean how gross is that?!  Bella's DAUGHTER.  Let's just let that sink in.  Edward deserves Bella because he always tried to keep Bella safe.  Edward always tried his best to not feel attracted to Bella's blood when shde was human. I must say that I cried when Bella became a vampire and really I dont even know why... Like I'm not sure if I was happy or sad! One of the creepiest parts of this series was when Edward watched Bella sleep... I mean not even I am that weird. Another totally weird part is that vampires sparkle in the sun.  That was totally unnecessary and ruined the book.  All those basic people who think they were cool hating on Twilight were making fun of that!  If it weren't for that fact Twilight would be less hated.  I guess I do consider myself as a twihard its in my bio but I'm not too die hard for it. Like when Harry Potter ended I died, but I didn't feel that way for Twilight.  So.... thats it.  BYEEE.

Sadness and Anger in One Movie

posted May 5, 2014, 4:45 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 5, 2014, 4:45 PM by Unknown user ]

Never let me go is a dystopian movie based on a novel of the same name.  I love that movie and I have watched it so many times.  I have also cried so many times and it makes me absolutely mad!  The movie is about 2 girls (Kathy and Ruth) and a boy (tommy) who fall into a nasty love triangle while living a strange life.  They were raised in a boarding school where artwork was encouraged instead of doing academic work such as math or science.  But here is the saddest part; these people were clones from other people and only lived to donate their organs.  If the clones do not find their "possibles" (people they were clones from) they will end up dying.  Never let me go is a heart breaking story about finding love and living life your own way.
Okay so now time to rant about my feelings, right?  Okay so Kathy likes Tommy and so does Tommy and they are all cute and then Ruth comes along and steals Tommy.  They start dating for like 10 years and then Kathy is a huge loner and now when they are about to die Ruth finds Kathy and tells her shes sorry and UGH!  How can Ruth be so selfish and just say sorry after shes broken up with him?  WHAT A JERK.  Secondly, Tommy ends up dying in the end since he did not find his possible and Kathy ends up living and she is still a loner for a while before she starts to die too because Tommy was in a relationship all his life with Ruth.  I was swimming in my own tears by the time he died.  I just wish he didn't so there could be some kind of happy ending!  Finally, EVERYONE DIED!  Like what kind of movie was that?!  I loved the story and concept but it was just so depressing!  I mean did Rose die in Titanic?  Did Tobias die in Divergent?  NO.  I really wish that at least Kathy would have lived.  Okay, I have to stop.  If I blog anymore I will end up crying again. 
Anyways, I recommend that you watch this movie if you are a girl who likes romance movies with a sad mood.  Thanks for reading my blog, adios! 

The Key to Your Heart and Soul

posted Apr 23, 2014, 6:56 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 6:56 PM by Unknown user ]

Some books you enjoy.  Some books you hate.  But some books speak to your soul and break your heart and really get to you.  I know what you are probably thinking, its just a book!  But you are
definitely WRONG.  Books have the ability to take us to different worlds; to live other lives.  I have never cried so much as I did in Allegiant and The Fault in Our Stars.  The worst feeling is when everything is going perfect and BAM your favourite character suddenly dies.  Your thoughts spin into a whirlpool of madness and become stars that can't fathom into constellations.  Its such a weird thing that a bunch of words can make you feel so many emotions.  I mean, look at this blog.  To you there are sentences but to another it is just a bunch of lines.  If you say that you have not cried in a book or movie yet you are probably lying or haven't watched the right movies.  If you feel let down, pick up a book and join a new universe.  One person's craziness is another's reality.  Have I proved my

P.S. my title is a metaphor Hazel Grace and you're a metaphor and everything is a metaphor.

My Life in a Reality TV Show

posted Apr 14, 2014, 6:19 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 6:44 PM by Unknown user ]

The best show ever?  DEFINITELY Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!  HCHBB is a reality TV show based on the life of a family.  HCHBB is my life and you better recognise.  A dolla makes me holla and boy does that show make me holla!  If you don't watch HCHBB then we probably have a hard time being friends and you better recognise that.  The Thompson's family is so interesting.  They live in a small house near a railroad track in the middle of no where.  The tv show stars Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson , who is a young pageant girl.  The show also features her stay-at-home mother, June "Mama June" Shannon; her father, Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson, a chalk miner; and her three sisters: Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon, and Anna "Chickadee" Shannon (12, 15, and 17 years old, respectively, in the first season).  Anna Shannon gave birth to a daughter, Kaitlyn Shannon, in the first season finale.  Honey Boo Boo is an inspiring 8 year old praised for her affection towards her gay uncle and how confident she is in a body that everyone calls fat.  I love this show because the Thompson family is so down to earth.  My favourite episode is when Alana helped Sugar Bear pick a ring for his proposal to Mama June.  When Alana was asked what size the ring should be, she said sausage size.  Even though the family can be disgusting and weird at times, they are an amazing family in the heart.

The Experience I Never Had But Did Have

posted Apr 6, 2014, 6:57 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2014, 3:59 PM by Unknown user ]

Playlist live just recently happened.  Playlist live is an event like Vidcon where YouTubers from all around the world have performances and meet ups.  Of course, Playlist Live happened at Los Angeles. EVERYTHING happens at Los Angeles. It makes me so furious that big events such as award shows always take place in Los Angeles!  The only time I actually had a benefit of living in Canada was because there was a canadian event, but only one of my favourite YouTubers was there. Obviously I went, but thats a different and previous blog. Anyways, moving on. I'm pretty sure I experienced playlist live enough even though I wasn't there, because of vlogs. Almost every person who was performing at Playlist Live was vlogging. They took videos of them walking, talking, and having fun WITHOUT me. My favourite part of living the "Vlog-Playlist-Live-Experience" was that my favourite group of people were re united. Tyler Oakley, Zoella Sugg, Alfie Dayes, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Joe Sugg awere reunited and vlogged together and it perfect. Tyler lives in America while everyone else lives in England, and thus they cannot hang out on a daily basis. I wish I could be friends with them but I'm their age... but YOLO right?! Well anyways, that is how I spent my days crying about not attending Playlist Live... But hey, Technology can always replace real life experiences....?

<-----------     From Left to Right: Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Zoella Sugg, Alfie Dayes, Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr in Universal at the time of Playlist Live 2014.

What's the Difference?

posted Mar 23, 2014, 4:32 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 4:32 PM by Unknown user ]

I know and love many different people.  Every single one of them is unique, and that is what makes me like them.  Some have red hair, some have green eyes, some don't like to eat pizza and some like people of the same gender.  Why is it that if we like someone of the same gender we suddenly have to reveal it?  Do people tell you that they like someone of the opposite gender?  NO!  Why discriminate and make a view that people who like someone of the same gender (as people call "gay") have to tell themselves?  We do not choose what gender we love, our mind just doesn't work like that.  Why is it that people can call something gay but never straight?   Why do you care about someone liking the same gender, how does it affect you?  Why does no one speak up for human right? These are questions, the world may never have an answer to, but what is your answer? 
No matter what religion, culture, country you are from, or what and who you like or don't like, we all deserve to be equal.
Think about it.

The History Making 4 Hour Event

posted Mar 17, 2014, 5:40 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 2:41 PM by Unknown user ]

The 86th Academy Awards took place on Sunday March 7th.  Let me just say, Ellen DeGeneres was the best host in the history of hosts and is a goddess.  Ellen managed to be funny while complementing others.  Last year the host of the Oscars had a weird song about actresses nudity and even then he wasn't funny.  God bless Ellen.  As we all probably know, Jennifer Lawrence fell while climbing the stairs to accept her Oscar last year. Just as this year, Jennifer did fall again.  She fell while getting out of her car, oh Jennifer! That Sunday night was a history making day. Ellen broke the world record for most re-tweeted tweet (sorry Obama) and served pizza to celebrities.  Ellen actually ordered pizza from a store and had a delivery guy come and serve to a whole auditorium of celebrities.  Imagine delivering pizza and all of the sudden you are meeting 10617898435678 celebrities and are on live television.  If I were him, I would have cried from joy and shock, but he seemed so neutral.  Obviously Brad Pitt had to serve plates considering the amount of children he has.  Well of course now considering the Oscars are about celebrating film, lets talk about the winners.  First of all let me just get this straight, LEONARDO DICAPRIO DESERVES AN OSCAR MORE THAN ANYONE ALIVE.  Out of all 5 times he has been nominated, he has not ever won.  WHY?!  I dont know!  Leo is the king of the world and if he does not win an oscar next year I will go crazy.  Secondly, Lupita Nyong'o did not deserve the oscar for 12 years of slave.  Lupita was only in the movie for a total of 10 minutes out of 2 hours (5% of the movie) and for about 7 minutes of her part (70% of her part) she was just screaming and you could not see her face.  Lastly, Gravity was wayyyy to over rated.  Sure Gravity had amazing visual effects but the acting was not to be praised for.  Gravity won 12 oscars that night and really I think it only deserved 3 of them.  So there you go, I hope you enjoyed my rant/review of the 86th Academy Awards. BYEE!

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