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#16 What "Inspire" means to me.

    Inspire can mean many things because this one word has a powerful message. To me, inspire means to motivate someone through your actions. There are several meanings to the word inspire but to me this is the message. It might seem hard to inspire others. You do not need to be famous or have a disability to be inspiring to others. In fact, you have probably inspired hundreds of people already, family, friends, your school. You can inspire others in easy ways, setting a positive attitude for others can be inspiring or you could get good marks in school. This could help inspire others because you can show them that if you try hard you will succeed. This does not only apply during tests, it applies in your whole life. Inspiring others is a fantastic thing to do because then you are able to inspire yourself. So remember, if you want to inspire others you do not need to be someone famous or popular, just be yourself and show others what you can do. Be inspiring because you can change not only your perspective on the world, but several others too!