Should Students Walk To School? Extra: Trick Or Treat! The ULTIMATE Candy?

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     Should middle school students walk to school? Alone? With a parent? At all? What's your opinion? Personally, I think it depends on the family, your schedule, where you live, and the responsibility of the student. I do not agree that there is one answer that can be used to deal with everyone. For example: You're an extremely responsible student, you live down the street and around the corner from school, you know everyone in your
neighborhood, and you're always up early waiting for your parents before school; then yes I'd agree that this would be OK for you to walk to school. But then lets add in this: You have overprotective, stubborn, parents that will not budge once they've made up their minds. At this point, I don't think there's a choice in the matter... If your parents say No, then no is the answer. However, if you're irresponsible, live a good 1-3 miles away, don't know anyone in the neighborhood, and can't get up early enough for school, then I again don't think there is much discussion there either. It depends on experiences as well! If you've been a situation before where you've been in trouble (e.g. kidnapped, threatened, attempted kidnap, etc... No I don't mean your dog ate your homework and you don't know what to tell your teacher!) then your parents may be very frightened to let you walk home alone. I know I don't walk to school for many reasons. I live a little bit farther away then most kids, I don't know everyone in my neighborhood like that, my schedule is tight, and there may be a couple other reasons depending on what day it is :D. So that's my opinion... I hope you enjoyed! Keep reading for an extra: TRICK OR TREAT!!

Halloween is a mere 10 days away! Many kids love Halloween because of the thrill of getting to dress up, you get free candy, and you get to hang out with friends! But sometime kids are disappointed when they empty out there bucket of treats. Now why is that? Because either kids didn't get the candy they wanted, they didn't get as much as they wanted, they don't recognize some candies they got, they got something they didn't want, or other things such as allergies! Some kids walk home with toothbrushes, juice boxes, or bags of chips, when what they wanted was perhaps a chocolate bar or a bag of candy. So for all parents and neighbors out there, take notes! Here are some things to consider:
    1. If you were a kid for another Halloween, what would be the candy you'd look forward to seeing in your bag the most?
    2. Why did you pick this perfect treat?
    3. Would other kids/people enjoy it too? Why or why not?
    4. Of the candy you've handed out in the past, did you have any kids say "Yes I got a _____!"? Can you remember which one it was?
    5. Of all the things that could be handed out at Halloween, what would you least want to get? Why would you not want it? Is that what you're handing out?
    6. Do you honestly think that kids in your neighborhood will be happy with what you're handing out? Explain.
    Now if you're a parent, or a grandparent, an uncle or an aunt, maybe you could ask your kids/grand kids/nieces or whoever what they would look forward to. Maybe you'll learn something new! Now personally, I think that the ideal candy is whatever you like best. I don't have a personal favorite. I'll eat what comes to me really (unless it's mint. I don't like mint unless it's very, VERY lightly tasted. I don't like spicy either...). However, in class my group was doing a french project and we did a survey to see which would be the top two favorite candies of the class to hand out for our prizes in a game. We gave options that we thought would appeal to students the most. The options were Mars bar, Skittles, Maynards, and Smarties. The top two were Maynards and Skittles. So there's something to keep in mind!! Have a Wonderful Halloween, and enjoy your trick or treating! :D