My Holiday Wish List/Is $100 A Reasonable Budget To Use For Gifts?

posted Dec 16, 2013, 3:37 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 16, 2013, 3:59 PM by Unknown user ]
    The Holidays (CHRISTMAS!) are coming, and I have yet to create my wish list.  This year, I am hoping to also buy/make gifts for my family and friends that will be meaningful.  So I will start off with my Christmas wish list. Here it is everyone!

    - Amigurumi material (e.g. eyes, yarn, etc...)            - Crafts?
    - Snow globes (I collect them!)                                 - Amigurumi patterns
    - Paint chips?                                                            - Fun
    - Paper?                                                                    - Knick knacks?
    - Books (of all sorts)                                                  - Inspiration?  Quotes?
    - Clothes?                                                                 - plushies
    - Stationary...?

    I know OK, I ask for the weirdest things, but it's what I want!!! Moving on; Is $100 a reasonable budget for the holidays? Yes and No. Depends on all sorts of things! What kind of spender are you; pricy or cheap? Who are you shopping for; Queen of England or your Cousin? What are their interests; Collecting rocks or reading? How many people are you shopping for 100 or 10? How many gifts each; 10 or 2? There are so many possible variables, it honestly depends. But to give a straightforward answer; It's an OK budget, but not the best in the world. So when you ask, is this a reasonable budget: Yes and No. Hope to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks.