Being Kind Online

posted Dec 17, 2013, 5:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 15, 2014, 9:24 AM by Unknown user ]
Hi everyone! This weeks blog was written by my friend Abishaya and I!  This blog is sort of going to give you an awesome lesson on: being nice to one another online.  It is very important that you are extremely nice to one another online.  If you wouldn't say something directly to their face, don't type it at all. There are so many reasons we can think of about why we should be nice to each other online, and not say anything rude that will hurt the other persons feelings. Right now why don't you stop for a moment and think about (in your head) or jot note on a sheet of paper 2 or 3 good reasons on why we should be nice to each other online, and not say or do anything rude. Now that you probably thought of some ideas we are going to share some of ours. Try to see if you got any of the same or different answers:
1) It could hurt someones feelings
2) You could get in big trouble
3) If you are rude nobody would like you
4) If you were rude to someone or people you are unlikely to have many friends
(If you got any different answers, please comment them in the comment box at the bottom of our blog pages). Those were 4 good, quick reasons we thought of about why we should respect each other online in roughly 2-3 minutes. These rules also apply to real life. But, we hope you already follow these rules in real life. Therefore, you should be kind online, and make sure you don't do some thing rude and hurt others feelings.
This is how you should behave online: