Are Libraries Really "So Last Year"? Are They Out Of Date?

posted Nov 27, 2013, 7:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 27, 2013, 7:58 AM by Unknown user ]
     Libraries; centers for learning, a place to read in peace, somewhere quiet, peaceful, and somewhere to really enjoy life.  Or you could look at it like this: Libraries; Annoying, places always nagging at you for their books back, offering you information you can find on the internet in seconds, and asking for money when something happens to their books.  Which do you see it as?  Why is this?  I personally think that libraries are places to enjoy. They're always quiet, the PERFECT atmosphere when you just want to relax, and they carry books!  Some
people think that the information on websites is better, because you can get it instantly, AND it is all up to date.  But really, books can be up to date to, and even the ones that aren't are interesting as well.  Wouldn't you find it interesting to see what other people have thought of who knows how long ago?  Think of it this way, people always want to be heard. They want people to listen to their opinions and they want to be included. It's human nature, we are attracted to groups of people.  They don't like being alone.  So if you know how it might feel to want to be heard and accepted, then what about the other people around you?  Or even people who aren't here anymore.  There's a reason why people say "Respect your elders.", because they've been around longer, they have more experience, and they have more to tell and give to the world.  So listen to the voices of the past, that are encrypted in the pages of the books of RTMS!  LONG LIVE LIBRARIES!  (Or Ms. Shisko will loose her job :( !!!!) In any event, Libraries are places to enjoy, and should continue their stay here in the world.