To Kill A Mockingbird: Part 1

posted Apr 5, 2014, 5:53 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 5, 2014, 5:53 PM by Unknown user ]
Hi everyone! Since I am in the middle of To Kill a Mocking (I am reading it in chunks for literature circles), I am going to be writing a review on the chunks. This week I am writing a review on everything up till chapter 7 or page. 57.
I thought it was okay so far. I would rate this book a seven. I felt it was a little confusing at the beggining. I also thought there were too many characters that were introduced. Some characters that were at the beggining of the chuck came later in the chunk, and I was a bit confused on who they are. But, I do love the descriptive wordsthey used and the detail they put in. The basic story was also very interesting and I really liked that. I think this is a book for teens and some adults.
That was how I thought the first chunk of To Kill A Mockingbird was. I hope this helped. Please comment below how you thought the book book was if you read it. Thanks and enjoy!