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Hi everyone! Today I am going to be writing a book review on the amazing book Holes.          

I personally thought that Holes was an amazing book. But don't listen to other people and not read the book. Try reading and maybe you'll end up liking and almost loving it like me. On a scale from one to five, this book deserves a four. I say that because it was a little boring at SOME parts. But, overall I thought it was a great book. I loved the language and descriptiveness used in it. The story was amazing. It was really interesting! I think this book would be great for anyone to read overall, but level wise I think this is a good book for grade fours, fives, and sixes. As a result his was a great book you should read. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my review on Holes! I hope it helped. Try and read the book Holes because it's amazing and if you do read it, comment how you thought it was! Thanks for reading!