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#32 - Types of Horror

posted May 29, 2014, 6:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 8, 2014, 10:43 AM by Unknown user ]
Everyone thinks that horror means scary but there are different types of horror.
Stephen King once divided the horror genre in three sub-genres:
  • The "gross out" - with gore and violence
  • "horror" - when there are supernatural elements
  • "terror" - when the unease comes from more subtle touches of weirdness
  1.  Physical Natural Horror In this case, the fear comes from a character being under direct physical threat of pain, suffering and/or death from real world circumstances. As in slasher movies where the murderer is a regular person, or scary movies where the threat is an animal, a virus, even a truck.
  2.  Physical Supernatural Horror   Still the direct fear of death is the main plot drive, but in this case the threat has unknown, esoteric elements outside our knowledge. A slasher movie where the murderer can't be killed, or is a magical doll, for instance.
  3. Psychological Natural Horror   The fear comes from more complex issues than just avoiding pain, but still by what we identify as natural elements, like the fear of losing your mind, your identity... like the FBI agent surrounded by darkness, hunted by a killer with night vision googles, she'll have to overcome a natural fear of the dark, not just a psychopath.
  4. Psychological Supernatural Horror   Again a fear that comes from inside the mind of the character, but with elements outside our knowledge. Most asian horror movies follow this path, like the character from the Ring is not chased directly by a monster, but there is a tense countdown until something undetermined and supernatural happens.
  5. Ghost Stories This is the scare that gets stuck in your head and it usually takes place in a house. So, whenever you're in your house you imagine that "ghost" at that ghost where its not actually there.
  6. Monster Movies   These kinds of movies are really unrealistic and unlike ghost stories, your brain does not obtain the image of the monster. When people say "Monster Movies", it usually comes to beasts, green stuff and bed bugs.
  7. Zombie   These movies or shows are like "The Walking Dead". They involve blood, broken arms and legs, popping eyes, moaning, and green skin.
  8. Cannibal   When I say "Cannibal", I don't actually mean human eating human. I mean, way, way, way, way too much violence! It includes lots of blood rivers and people screaming because they see red.
  9. Serial Killer   This is like those CID kind of things where there is a murderer and the "special" police (CID) investigates and finds out who the killer is. At the end, as always, the killer gets caught, he gets questioned and finally he gets hung up.
  10. Sci Fi Horror
  11. Character Killer Franchises/Stalk n Slash
  12. Comedy Horror
  13. Possessed/ Haunted House Movies
  14. Religious Horror
  15. Witch and Warlock Horror
  16. Psycho Family Backwoods Redneck Horror
  17. Crazy/Possessed
  18. Crazy/Possessed Kids
  19. Psychological Horror
  20. ESP Horror