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05 Jasmin - Dogs 101

     Hi, I'm Jasmin here is some information about me!
I love to do all kinds of visual art like sketching, painting, using clay and much, much more!
I enjoy reading books like the Ranger Apprentice series, Now You See It, the Percy Jackson series and  the Kane's series.
I'm currently reading Artemis Fowl, which its about a twelve year old boy named Artemis Fowl the II.
Artemis is the heir and prodigy to his huge family fortune, but here's the thing, His family is a huge bloodline of theives, who became rich through smuggling, conning, and stealing.
Artemis is a genius, but he believes that fairies, sprites and gremlins are real.
He schemes to steal all the fairies gold, to increase his fortune.
Turns out they are real.
   If you want to know the rest read the book!
My favourite movie is Now You See Me.
Now You See Me is about a group of magicians that rob a bank, but there is a lot more to it!
That's all about me! 



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Known as " america's dog " the pit bull has been banned in many states and few countries such as great Britain and new Zealand. The pit bull is a cross between bulldogs and terriers to create a very powerful breed. Pit bulls have a bad reputation for being aggressive but they aren't born that way, they can be aggressive if you train them to be aggressive, if pit bulls have lots of socialization then they can become very sweet. The pit bull has a large, chiseled brick like head they have a strong frame with amazingly strong muscles, the one muscle that gets the bad press is its jaw muscle which is very big and allows the pit bull to have a very strong bite. Pit bulls need a little bit of space for exercise, are prone to diseases like hip dysplasia and they have a short glossy coat which makes grooming easy. If you wanna adopt a rescued pitbull they can still bounce back to being loving and affectionate. They're name comes from a history of a dog fighting in pits, the dogs are abused and young unneeded pit bulls are used as bait to get the fighting dog's " fighting spirit up ", they are bound up and are basically chew toys for the fighters and are the most damaged, 

Doberman Pinscher

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The Doberman Pinscher was bred over 150 years ago in Germany by Carl Fredrick Louis Doberman. The dude literally named the dog after himself! Anyways Carl was a tax collector and he would be walking in these shady areas with bags of money so he bred the doberman to protect him. So he threw a whole bunch of different breeds in a pot and then came the doberman. Moving on from the history lesson the doberman makes a good guard dog

Over the March Break.

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Over the March break I mainly stayed at home my sister Malak came from university for three days, well two days she came late at night and left early in the morning. On Saturday me, Malak and my dad went to Cora's for breakfast and then we went to watch Non Stop and Ate at Canyon Creek with them and I my sister Lenah. Besides that the only times when I went outside is when I walked my dog Crisco. Other than that I did homework, watched videos and played video games.  


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The rottweiler is a large breed that originates from Germany  and was bred for hard work like herding cattle and pulling carts filled with butchered meat. They are very loyal and obedient but they do need to socialize with different people and dogs since they are very protective and can get aggressive to strangers or other dogs that they aren't familiar with. They are usually black with rust highlights around its snout, chest, legs and cute little eyebrows. Their tails are usually docked so they don't get in the way of work but now rottweilers are house pets and guard dogs so rottweilers are getting their tails back. Rottweilers are a favored to be guard dogs next to the doberman pincher and german shepard

Samoyeds, Can't Find Them in Winter

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These Russian dogs, known as smiley sammies have black lips that curve upward into a sort of smile, they are usually white and have a lot of fur. They love people, are amazing for families with young children and they are very friendly and obedient. They come from the same place as huskies and have a tendency to sing or howl every night, sometimes at five in the morning, or is that last part just me? They have little to no odor but in my dog's case that doesn't seem true. They are generally loud and need a lot of attention in the grooming department. They need a daily amount of physical exercise so taking them around the block every day is fine, also a great excuse to get outside. The live pretty long, about twelve to fifteen years so you have plenty of time before the funeral. The are prone to some cancers kidney disease, diabetes and arthritis since they are a bit large, medium sized that is. They also don't like it when their owners go away for a while and howl at every closed door. Pretty great dog in general.
Most of this is personal experience and some from Animal Planet.

What is My Worst Fear.

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My biggest fear is being buried alive on a abandoned Island. Your not going to get me to do that unless you give me drill as I am buried, a big inflatable boat and a book on how to make sand into expensive ores. Also promised 30 000 000 dollars when I get back.


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BYOD (bring your own device) can help in school such as bringing in their laptop for when there aren't enough net books and since the net books at school are very slow they can get some extra time for work. Bringing in their phone would be helpful if they need to research something quick or if they are missing a calculator they could just use their phone. After school they could call or text a parent to come pick them up instead of crowding the office.

Reading on the Internet?

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Honestly I would want libraries to stay around since the
computer screen just hurts my eyes if I read
or look at it for too long, books don't, and
 you can take a book anywhere anyways. And one already
looks at a screen long enough why more?

Over the Winter Break.

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Over the winter break my sisters came to visit from university. We went to the cinema to watch Frozen, Anchorman 2 and Saving Mr. Banks. We went to a bunch of really good cafes and restaurants such as Yume Crepe, The Keg and Canyon Creek. A lot of the time we just stayed home and played multiplayer games and watched television. My sister also had a get together with her friends, about twenty people came and they mostly watched anime like Gintama, But for most of the time they played Werewolf while they waited for the rest to arrive. I've also interviewed my sister for an assignment. Well that's about it for my winter break! 


Walking to School.

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There are many benefits to walking to school, like giving you good exercise depending on how far you walk. This can also help the environment since if you go by car that will cause large amounts of pollution which is very bad for the environment, will cause even more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and will benefit the progression of global warming. Walking can also benefit in academic performance, being more alert for morning class, and can help reduce stress.

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