How to Write a Food Review

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The job of a food reviewer is to accurately convey the tastes, textures, smells, presentation and enjoy the food eaten at a restaurant. You not only comment on the food but also on the atmosphere, staff knowledge and attentiveness, the way the staff treats you and respects the other customers, the speed of service, the general impression of the restaurant or cafe. It's not a job for anyone squeamish and you won't necessarily be liked by a number of people in the restaurant trade but you can command respect and obedience if you do a fair, and well reasoned job in your write-ups and the way you treat them back. 

Follow The Simple Steps:
  1. Be able to eat all sorts of food, and describe with details about the texture, taste, smell, and feel to the food
    • Know what you will write about and about your audience
  2. Consider how you will record the experience
    • You could write notes as you go but that will give away to staff what you are up to. Try to remember all the details well and write them up as soon as possible after you leave.
  3. Assess the table set up before you begin the meal
    • How is the table set? Was it set before you sat down? Was it clean or dirty on arrival?
  4. Order food that gives as broad an experience as possible of the menu in front of you
    • Look for a range of textures, tastes, styles and levels of difficulty to try.
  5. Assess the food as you consume it
    • The presentation - clean, beautiful or messy and tired?
    • The temperature - was the warm meal warm or was it cold?
    • The level of cooking - was the food cooked to perfection, under cooked or over cooked? Could some of it have done with been cooked at a different pace yet other parts have turned out fine? Consider all these aspects as you eat.
  6. Ask questions of staff
    • Does the waiting staff know their food and ingredients? Do they know where the fish was caught, whether the vegetables are organic, whether the beef was grain-fed?
    • How do they respond if you make a compliment or a complaint?
  7. Consider the ambiance
    • Does it seem that people are enjoying themselves? Or is the restaurant emptying quickly or not filling up at all? Consider overall presentation of the place and the friendliness of staff.
  1. Do the best you can do to please them and be nice and still have time to review on their food have a friendly conversation
  2. Explain why this food is unique and tasty
  3. Give as many examples as possible to make your explanation clear
  4. Give your opinion but make it unbiased
  5. Give proof or interview someone
  6. Write a very clear and catchy conclusion
  7. Include a brief summary or recipe of the food

Be a good reviewer and follow the steps and tips!