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06 Simran - A handfull of thoughts

Hi my name is Simran and here is some information about me:

I have two brothers and both of them are younger than me. My favourite subjects are visual art, math, language arts and french. I like to draw, paint or make something cool out of clay. My hobbies are reading, sketching and playing with my brothers. My favourite sports are swimming, soccer and gymnastics. My favourite books are Hunger Games, The Spider wick Chronicles, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter and many more. So that's some information about me. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.


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Summer is my favourite season because it is not cold. You could go to a lot of fun places in the summer. You could go to Canada's Wonderland, parks and all those fun places but you can't go to these places in the summer because it is too cold. But one bad thing about Summer is that sometimes it gets too hot that you get really sweaty and thirsty. Also one more great thing about Summer is that you could eat lots of ice-cream. In Summer my family always spends time together and I have a great time. What is your favourite season? I hope you liked my blog? Thank you for reading.  

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I like swimming because you get learn lots of new things in water and you also learn how to swim in the deep end. My brother and I both joined swimming and we are really happy to go. There is a water slide we get to go on at the end of every class and also we have contests who can swim the fastest. Swimming is really fun. It is one of my favourite things to do. On the last day of our swimming session my swimming teacher takes us on a big slide. I hope you enjoyed my bogs. Please comment if you liked it. Do you like swimming? What is your favourite thing to do?

My Weekend

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At the weekend my cousins and my family all gathered together and went to the Indian parade. It was really cool but our parade was also full of rush. At the parade we got to eat lots of stuff. For the Indian parade we started waling from Malton and walked all the way up to Rexdale. After the parade everyone was tired and hungry. So my parents gave us something to eat. The all of us came home from the Indian parade. We had really fun and I was really happy that my cousins came along with us too. This was my weekend. How was your weekend? Please feel free to comment and I hope you enjoyed my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs.


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I like birds because I think they are calm. On my 10th birthday my parents got me baby birds and I was so happy about that. I like to feed my birds and play with them. But one thing bad about those birds are that they keep jumping around and making a big mess on the floor. I had two baby birds. My parents saw that the birds keep jumping and its hard for me to take care of them when I am at school. So my dad went to the pet store and gave back the birds. I was sad about it. So have you ever had a bird or any other animal that was troubling you and you had to go give it back. Well if you ever experienced that then don't forget to share with me. If you enjoyed my blog please comment and I hope you had a great time reading my blogs. Thank you for taking your time for reading this.  

My Long weekend

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On my long weekend My parents took my siblings, My cousins and me to pladium. Pladium was really fun because we went go karting for five laps and bumper cars and also we played games inside and won prizes. Go karting was fun because we got to challenge each other and have fun. Bumper cars was fun because my cousins and my siblings and I had a great time bumping our cars. The games inside were fun because we won a lot of tickets and got a lot of prizes. The next day my cousins, my siblings and I all slept over at one of my cousins house. We had a lot of fun .


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I like dogs because I have had one for two months. I had a dog for two months because my relatives went to India and they could not take their dog so my family decided that we will keep it for a month. The dogs name was Sharry and she was really cute. She was a small white puppy that likes to play with other children and also likes to learn more tricks. I like dogs because they are fun to play with, fun to take a walk with them and also fun to take care of them. Sharry liked me a lot. When my relatives came from India Sharry was sad and so was my family because Sharry was so entertaining and funny. But we went to go visit her and she was so happy. My parents say that a dog is to much work.


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I commented on number 5 in 72.


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I commented on number 23 in 72.

Macklemore's song ''Same Love''

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These lyrics makes me fell sad for the people who are like that because you do not have to do what people tell you to do, you just have to live your life the way you like it. I do not think people should say this because what is the the difference if they do not be like that anymore and if they are still like that. they just want to live their own life and you should live your own life too. People are more different than alike. It is just how they were born. If you do not understand the other persons perspective then you should try to understand them and not just judge them on their personality and now think how you feel. There are way more things that you can do to make a person feel good by just a small thing and if you make someone happy then you would feel happy. So remember don't get into other peoples personal life just live your own.

My March Break

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My March Break was awesome and also it was relaxing.  Over the March Break I played with my brothers and did my school homework.  My siblings and I had plenty of free time.  My family and I watched a movie together.  Also it was my baby brothers birthday and my cousins and relatives came over and friends too. We had vanilla cake with chocolate inside of it. It was so delicious. My baby brother is now to years old and his birthday was on March 7 2014. I also went to my cousins house for a sleepover and we went sledding and indoor swimming. It was really fun because we were all playing together. My cousins birthday was also the day my brother and I slept at his house. We had cake and other delicious tasty things.

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