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x 2013-2014

Every week, we will have a new topic as indicated below. Please write at least 1 good quality paragraph using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Please only change fonts, colours, sizes when needed and insert pictures and video only after you have finished writing your entry.

Minimum requirements (level 2+/3-) for blogs:  
Every blog post should have:
  • correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and capitals
  • 1 picture or video (properly referenced/linked), for every other blog post (max 2 pictures per post but there are exceptions)
  • at least 4 relevant properly structured sentences related to the topic
  • 2 spaces after end of each sentence, one after each comma
  • appropriate readable font and font colour (occasional use of different fonts and font colours is allowed for special occasions or meanings)
  • try to make it interesting
  • short and capitalized titles - try not to have the same title as the blog question
  • comments section at bottom of main blog page
  • completion of all posts

Every blog should have an introduction to yourself. Here is an example:

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is a little bit about me!

  • your address, 
  • phone number
  • password/ login
  • email
  • picture of yourself
  • student number
  • birthday
Please do put things like
  • favourite subject
  • sport
  • food
  • games
  • colour
  • etc.
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