BYOD Guidelines

BYOD Guidelines

posted Sep 12, 2019, 7:38 AM by Unknown user

Hello Students,

Here are the rules and expectations regarding the use of technology/ BYOD devices at RTMS.

1. When you enter our classroom, place your device FACE DOWN on your desk immediately.
2. You only use your device when requested by me or given permission by me/another teacher in our classroom.

If you use your device without permission, or inappropriately, these are the steps I will follow:

First time - You will be given a verbal warning.
Second time - Your device will be sent to the office where you will retrieve it at the end of the day.
Third time - Your device will be sent to the office, but your parents will need to come to the school to retrieve it.

I will track every time I need to address inappropriate use of technology in our classroom.  And will follow the steps listed above.

Thanks for following expectations,
Mrs. Padda :)

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