If The World was a Village

posted Oct 8, 2013, 6:44 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 9:59 AM by Unknown user ]
Let's say we turn our world into a village. I going to say they're 100 people in the world. Let's see how it works:
In this village, they're be different people from different area. Here I'll tell you: 61% will be from Asia, 13% will be from Africa, 5% will be from North America, 8 people will be from Central South America, 12% will be from Europe, and 1 % will be from Oceania.
In this village they're be 1-8 language that will be most spoken in the village. Let's see which one's: 22% will speak Chinese, 9% will speak English, 8% will speak Hindi, 7% will speak Spanish, 4% will speak Arabic. 3% will speck Russian, and 3% will speak Portuguese.
Now many people will be young but also many people may be old. Let's see in our village how much of people have different age:They'll be many young, 39% will be under 20
years,42% will be 20-49 years, 18% will be 50 years, and 1% will be 80 years old.
Now everybody could have a religion. Let's take a look in our village and see: 32% will be Christians, 19% will be Muslim, 13% will be Hindu, 12% will be Craniums, 6% will be Buddhism, 1% Jewish.
Here in our world many kids go to school but some don't.. Let's take a look at our village and see: 38% can go to school but only 31 will go.
Now many people have 1 problem for sure. It's money. Let's see in our village, when they but food and many more stuff: 20% have extra money after buying grocery, 20% have no money after buying grocery, 24% don't have enough money to buy grocery, 16% sometimes go hungry, and 34% is always hungry. 
In the village they have animals. Let's see what type of animals: 31% of goat and sheep, 23% cows, bulls, and axes  15% pigs, 3% camels, 2% horses, and 189% of chickens, That's more then the village.
Now in our world we have good and bad. Let's see good and bad in our village: 75% of people have good water, and the rest 25% have bad water. Everybody in the world breathes air but many people don't breathe good air. Let's take a look in our village: 68% of people have really good air, but 32% of people have polluted air.
Many people in the world have electricity but some don't have electricity. In our village let's see if our village have electricity: 76% of people in our village have electricity. In our village let's see how much computers, televisions,and radio's. 42 people have radios, 24 people have televisions, 10 people have computers, in our village.
In our village with 100 people which is our world, we see: Electricity, Good and Bad, Languages, Animals, Food, School, Religions,Age, and the place where they came from so Area. I hope you like me blog. Thanks for reading.