D.I.Y Keyboard Magnets

posted Jan 30, 2014, 10:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 10:27 AM by Unknown user ]
Hey RTMS I'm going to show a really good D.I.Y. It's keyboard magnets. This is what you need:

Head Top Screw
Glue Gun ( Glue for the glue gun)
Magnet Tape

Step 1: Use you screw to pop of each key. Go under the key and flick it up and it will come off. Do this to every key you have.
Step 2: After taking off all your keys then it't time to use your pliers. Take a key and turn it to the back. You see a four sided surface popping up. Take you pliers and twist each side off. You don't have to put lots of pressure. It's really easy to pull of the sides. This may take some time so do something will taking them off. I'll be watching Netflix. 
Step 3: Now after the keys are hollow fill up the keys with hot glue guns.  My idea was to take the hot glue gun and fill it up then jiggle it in so it goes to the side. Now hot glue guns make string so after take it off scarp it on the side so you won't make a mess. 
Step 4: Now to know it's dry it should be like a foggy color so it's done and now you ready for the next step. 
Step 5: Now take you magnet tape and cut out the size of the keys using your scissors.  After that the white part is the sticker so peel it of and put that side on the glue.
Step 7: Now put them on your fridge and make your saying.

Now you done you Keyboard Magnets.