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22 Zain- Wet Hoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys you if you clicked this blog you will learn much more about basketball!

Most Surprising Thing in NBA...

posted Jun 5, 2014, 10:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 19, 2014, 4:50 PM by Unknown user ]

      Today in my blog i'm going to be talking about the most surprising thing in the NBA. The OKC lost! NOOOOOO!  The team I was voting for lost!  Then the Miami Heat and San antonio Spurs we're in the finals!  The thing for Heat is they have Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  Plus they won the finals for last two years. For San antonio they have Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Dunkan.  They are really good. Well we will see who wins the final in sometime.    


posted May 29, 2014, 10:42 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 29, 2014, 10:42 AM by Unknown user ]

Today i'm going to be talking about NBA 2K14 for phones!  Well whats special about that?  So instead of playing on a xbox or ps3 you can play on your phone from the app store or play store. But it cost money. It cost about 5$.  If you have apple credits or a credit card for play store.  Well I say it's worth buying it.  The graphics is not as good as the console but anyways its fine. 


posted May 29, 2014, 5:00 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 29, 2014, 5:00 AM by Unknown user ]

 Hello there people how you doing? Well i'm great and today im going to be talking about NBA 2K14.  Now your asking whats NBA 2K14? Well NBA 2K14 is basketball game you can play on your phone,PS3,XBOX and more. Well I recomend you to try game.

NBA FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted May 22, 2014, 4:24 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 22, 2014, 4:24 AM by Unknown user ]

Hey their people, welcome to my NBA blog! This blog i'm going to talk about the NBA finals.  Well are you excited for the Finals? I know, I am.  So what team are you voting for?  I'm voting for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But they are up against Miami Heat, the other best team in NBA. Miami Heat has been winning the finals for the past two/three years so OKC might win this year, but we will see in the Finals who will lose, or take it all. 

Difference From Street Ball And NBA

posted May 7, 2014, 10:08 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 13, 2014, 5:31 PM by Unknown user ]

Well first there is not much difference from street ball and NBA.  Mostly street ball is playing basket ball at a park, your house, and a court on the street. Then that means NBA or normal basket ball is on a real court. The rules for street is mostly the same except for when you start the game you do a check. Plus if there is a call like a foul  you do a check for your team side. Plus their could be outs or no up to you. Then for NBA you know the rules from my previous blogs.

Will The Raptors Win?

posted May 6, 2014, 6:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 6, 2014, 6:10 PM by Unknown user ]

Today in this blog i'm going to be talking about the last game for Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets. Well this was a very hard game and tough match up. It was game seven, so who ever wins the game goes to the other round for play off's well most of the game was pretty boring so i'm not going to talk about it.  But the last ten seconds were intense.  It went down like Raptors are losing by three points in the last 20-1 secs.  Then Brooklyn got fouled so they got both there free throw shots in. Then someone from the Raptors got a shot in, that counts 2 points. So then Raptors ball last 5 secs left and Kyle Lowry shot for the clutch shot but missed.  So we lost by one point, but on the bright side we made it to the play off's.

More To The NBA Play-Off

posted Apr 29, 2014, 7:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 29, 2014, 7:29 PM by Unknown user ]

 Well people welcome back to my new blog and I am continuing on the play-off, since you know more about the play-off's.  But the topic I will be talking about is the chance that the Toronto Raptors will be in the finals of the NBA play-off's.  Well that chance is very very low.  Research say's that because the Raptors will have to go up against really good and tough teams.  Some of the really good teams are Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Indiana Pacers and the Broklyn Nets. Those are the most hardest teams the Raptors are against. But mostly Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder are in the finals because they play the best of all teams. Well  now you know Raptors chance in the finals is very low.

Nba Play Off

posted Apr 21, 2014, 4:50 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 4:51 PM by Unknown user ]

So as you know the play off's are here, back to the NBA.  Well if some of you people are asking what is the play off? Well I will tell you. The play off is when the 8th best team from eastern conference come and western conference. The eastern conference play their teams and western play's their teams. So the order is 1st best team for eastern or western verse the 8th best team in both conference.  The 2nd best team in both conference vs the 7th best team in both conferences. Then the 3rd best teams in both conference verses the 6th best in both conferences. Finally the 4th best team in both conferences 
verse the 5th best team in both conferences. But remember the east conference only verse teams in the eastern conference and the western conferences only verse teams in the western conferences. But only in the finals the two conferences champions verse each other for the final's trophy for the NBA league and the team wins a ring for every player in the that winning team. A ring is proof that you won the NBA play off's. Well this the end of this blog and see you next time when I talk about the teams in the play off's.

Basket Ball Rules

posted Apr 13, 2014, 5:34 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 14, 2014, 4:50 AM by Unknown user ]

Now I have been talking about a lot about basket ball but do you know how to play basket ball?  Well if you don't know how to play i'm going to tell you now. First dribble with only one hand only. A other rule that is part of that rule double dribbling is you can't dribble then stop then continue. Rule two you can't run and with the ball with out dribbling.  If you do that it is called travel.  Rule 3 if you jump with the ball in your hand without shooting the ball it is called an up and down. Rule 4 you can't hold the ball so the back of your palm faces the ground. That is called a carried. Now you know the basic rules. 

Spurs vs Memphis

posted Apr 6, 2014, 9:01 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 6, 2014, 9:01 PM by Unknown user ]

Hey people did you see the spurs vs Memphis game? Well if you did not then I am going to tell you a little about it. I know that not many people will watch this game but what ever. Well I don't want to bore you out with random details so here are my favorite part of the game. That is when San Antonio Spurs hit a buzzer beater shot. It was amazing but anyways both tea played good. The final score was 92 for Memphis and for Spurs it was 112. Yay go Spurs great job winning!

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