Minecraft #16

posted Jun 13, 2014, 8:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 13, 2014, 8:41 AM by Unknown user ]
I will be talking about a mod called too much TNT. This mod adds a lot more TNT. Some of the more TNT added are Drill TNT,water TNT,fire TNT,ice TNT and a lot more TNT which makes the game even more fun. The strongest TNT is the nuke when u place it down you have 25 seconds to run away as far as you can if you do not make it far enough you will get hit by the nuke and die. When the nuke explodes it makes a big hole in the ground and there is green stuff on the ground if you step on the green stuff you will take damage because it is one of the nukes effects. You can make a nuke bunker but the nuke will still destroy the bunker. The house TNT has 3 different versions the first one explodes and it makes a wood house the second one makes a stone house and the third one makes a brick house. When the TNT explodes you take no damage it just makes a house for you the houses are basic. The drill TNT has two types the first one makes a 1 block drill into the ground all the way to bedrock and the second one does the same thing but it makes a bigger hole. The other TNT'S are basic water one makes water fire makes fire. There are a lot more TNT'S but that's like 30 or more. Go download the mod it's an amazing MOD!!!!!!!!!