Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber is a pop sensation singer song writer. He is twenty years old his birthday is on march 1 1994. Justin Bieber has two siblings named Jazzy and Jaxon they are both way smaller than Justin. While Justin was growing up he started growing into the love of music and started singing in talent shows and started posting videos of himself singing on YouTube if it was from a talent show or him Justin singing at home in his living room and he would  get millions of views. He was discovered by Usher and became very popular he was known for the music he produced from his beautiful voice. His parents Pattie Malette and Jeremy Bieber were divorced  when Justin was ten months old and even though that happened still his parents are by his side when he preforms his music to his fans. His fans are well known to be called beliebers and there ar
e many of them out there. That was most of the key information about Justin Bieber himself. Hope you enjoyed!!!