If the world were a village

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    If the world were a village there would be 61 people from Asia, 13 from Africa, 5 from North America, 8 from South America, 12 from Europe, and 1 
from Oceania. There would be different amount of religions which would be very interesting considering if there are many people from different countries each and every person could learn about most religion. If the world were a village every person would be able  to try different foods from every religion. Also, if the world were a village every one would get along with each other and be a big environment of different people from different countries and that have different religions that we can all share with each and every on in that village that we would share. Next, the village would have 10 computers, 42 radios and 24 televisions maybe even more than one in each house. Then, 20% of people would be the richest out of all of the 100% which could afford to buy food so they could make meals and eat them and buy other belongings. The other 20% would be the poorest out of the 100% of people which can`t afford to buy food for themselves and their children to feed. 76% of people would have enough electricity to power lights, computers, televisions, radios, ovens and many more electric items you could have.
If the world were a village of 100 people 32 would be christian, 19 people are Muslim  13 would be Hindu  12 people are folk, 6 are Buddha, 1 is Jewish and 15 people would not have an organized religion that  they studied. 32% out of the 100% would actually have education and go to school. 25% would have dirty water and 75% would have clean water to drink. 68% would have clean air to breathe in everyday and the other 32% would breathe in un-healthy air because there would be plenty of pollution. There would be 18 people 50 years old and there would be at least 1 person over eighty years old. The village would also include 31 sheep's and goats, 23 cows, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses, and lastly there would be 189 chickens in the village of 100 people.
There is more than six billion people in the whole world. I think there would be enough room to fit more people because as crowded as it seems  there is enough room for everyone to enjoy there life on earth!