Cher Lloyd

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    Cher Lloyd is a singer from the United Kingdom or the UK. She has been an inspirational singer because she sings about her friendships and of course an artist is not complete until the singer sings songs she enjoys so what I mean about that is she sings songs from her heart and her fun side. She sings songs like Oath, Swagger Jagger, and she has many more songs that I enjoy to listen to. However her most featured artist or her best friend is Becky G and she is also an amazing singer. Becky is also a famous singer however not many people recognize her most of the time because she is not as famous as Justin bieber, Cher Lloyd or one direction. However everyone has their ups and downs. Chers first ever album was released on November 5th 2011. She has made many songs and used hard work to reach her goal of being a successful singer!!!