68's Homework board

Announcements and News📰

  • Blue Project? (Get ideas)
  • Practice EQAO every day for 5 min
  • Dec/16 MDA Robotics guest speaker
  • Bring cans from food force
  • Ammar, Muhammad and Torin clean binder

Language Arts/Social Studies✏️

  • Sign up for ClassDojo for LA/SS
  • Canada posters due Friday
  • December 18th Space Vocabulary Quiz (MAKE SURE TO PRACTICE)(Mr.Sunnak sent us a g-mail on the words that are going to be on the test)
  • Work on science project due jan/19/20
  • The solar system questions
  • Dec 9th Measuring Angles Test
  • Dec 12th classify, measuring angles using geometry notation test
  • Dec 19th Drawing polygons test
  • Left hand side of geometry construction sheet
  • Last year's angle test 
Instrumental Music🎷
  • Practice Jingle bells on your instrument
  • Thompson tunes is on December 12-13 this thursday
  • Every Tuesday is band practice at recess 

Physical Education

  • Bring gym clothes every class 
  • Health class in day 3 period 2 (if it is a pleasant day then we will most likely go outside)
  • Fitness class on day 9 last period (meet on the stage)         

Integrated Technology (IT)💻

  • Check your Gmail every day
  • Bring earbuds to school and keep them in your locker
  • Bring your ID card with you when we go to IT so you can borrow a camera Chromebook etc.
  • Bring your organizer or a notebook to write down the info  

Visual Arts🎨

nothing to see here yet

  • Practice French vocabulary, avoir, être and -er verbs
  • Quizlet every regular Friday 
  • Conjugation quiz to be signed by a parent
  • Unit Test Dec. 11th
General Music
  • Practice E, A, B on piano guitar and drums

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